35 Fabulous Fall Decor Ideas

It’s going to be 90 degrees here in New Jersey today…yet there are pumpkins…haystacks…and signs of Fall everywhere!  Last week we took a Look at some cool Pumpkin Projects and then we checked out some Fun and Fanciful Fall Porches and now today we are going to have fun with Fabulous Fall Decor Ideas

Well we have pumpkins…table settings…candles…cloches…centerpieces…baskets…and more!  Some fun decor for Halloween…Fall and Thanksgiving (but we will have much more on Thanksgiving in the near future! Hope these great creations act as major INSPIRATION!!!!  ENJOY!

One of my favorite vignettes for the Fall Season is one that you will find over at Better Homes and Gardens.  It’s fresh! It’s fun! It’s imaginative and so very different!  Take a look at what you can do with some vintage rakes…natural elements…a chippy chair and an assortment of pumpkins.  This would look perfect in a kitchen or on the front porch for the world to enjoy!

Country Living shows us how simple it is to create some elegant beauty.  Place some pretty pumpkin and gourds under a beautiful cloche dome and you have instant Fall Decor!  Ah…the magic of the cloche.

One Charming Party takes advantage of nature’s wonderful array of pumpkin shades…just look at these mellow hues … a simple diy and within 30 minutes you can have a picture perfect centerpiece.

Show & Tell has some very easy but oh so unique decorating ideas for Fall.  This one would look amazing on a buffet or on a vintage work bench on the front porch…pumpkins in pots…who knew how fabulous they would look!  Also…

Show & Tell blends a mix of pumpkins…hydrangea’s and cabbage plants and all I can say is that it is a natural masterpiece!  You have to drop by and see all of the other creative ideas Beth has for you.  I sure wish I had window boxes!

Simple…beautiful…natural and oh so Fall Fabulous.  Tall clear vases (if you don’t have them…I picked up a few for $1 at the dollar store so check out the glass section…you may score some beauties) just fill them with some natural elements like small gourds…or maybe some acorns…Autumn shades of glass marbles…or maybe do a Halloween version and fill with some candy corn…the possibilities are endless!!!  Such fun and so cost effective.  This is a formula that you can use for any occasion or holiday.  Thank BHG!

How cool is this DIY Pretty Pumpkin Tablecloth!
Make one for your very own.

The High Heeled Hostess shares such an amazing idea with us…add a serving tray filled with delicious cheeses…fabulous appetizers…sweet desserts or anything simply scrumptious to the top of a pumpkin???? Who knew…now that I do…I know that I will be doing this…how simple it is and it gives you maximum Fall Decor results!

If you are planning any event outside…a small dinner to a wedding in the Fall…I hope that this beautiful suspended table with vintage crates filled with blooms from the Fall season inspires you.  As they say…”A picture is worth 1000 words”  Drop by
Green Wedding Shoes Wedding Blog
and be inspired over and over again!

Jo-Ann shares this Happy Bale of Hay!  By simply taking a bale of hay …wrapping it like a gift with gorgeous ribbon and then decorating the top with a spray of flowers or maybe even pretty potted moms mixed with cabbage plants…or??? you will have a fabulous decoration for your front porch…side porch…deck or front yard.  This can stand alone or be added to an outdoor vignette.

Now here is an unusual Centerpiece and it is totally fabulous. It shows you that thinking out of the box has many many rewards!  You know all of those unusual containers…a soup tureen…a gravy boat…a pitcher…teapot…think about using them as containers for your flowers…acorns…gourds and all the other elements you want to create with!   How gorgeous does this look!

Need some more ideas for unusual containers…check out BHG
for another 30! Now here are containers that we all have in some form…have fun with them!!!

Leave it to Martha to have such a simple by sensational idea!  Have the kids collect their favorite leaves…then dip them in wax…hang from a decorative line and you have a fabulous Fall decoration!
You can get the DIY right here.

Country Living takes this simple Mason Jar…plus candles…plus candy corn and puts it all together…it to create a spectacular centerpiece!

Sinja Bannick inspires us with this beauty.  Take out those tiered serving pieces and fill it to your hearts content with flowers…gourds…mini apples and pumpkins…moss…greenery…acorns and all the natural elements of Autumn!  So gorgeous.

Tablecloth weights!  Brilliant!


Over at Junk 2 Jewels I found this gorgeous birdhouse…I am hopelessly in love with it!  If you are lucky enough to have a beauty like this one or any nice size decorative birdhouse…all you need to do is fill it up!!!  Drop by…there are more ideas!

Have a wheelbarrow? 
Fill it UP!!!

Joy of Autumn 
celebrates the season…a few bushel baskets…pretty mums and pumpkins…voila…Fall Perfection!

Let’s see what Yvonne from StoneGable is up to!  What a master decorator she is!!!  If you have a marvelous mum plant…Yvonne can make it 10 times more marvelous…really…just take a peek and be inspired!

Speaking of Yvonne…this girl can set a table…let me tell you…each and everyone of them is more gorgeous than the other…you have to take a trip over to StoneGable
and check out all of them…here is one that spells FALL…gorgeous and easy…stack and stack some more and add a bowl with a gorgeous mini pumpkin and embellishments…Yvonne shows you how and WOW…you are going to be so incredibly inspired when you see the entire table.

If you need Fall decorating ideas…you HAVE to visit Debra at Common Ground
there is so much inspiration there you are not going to know where to start!  Take a tour through her Fall Sun Porch and prepare to be amazed!

Of course KariAnne from the one and only Thistlewood Farms
has some great ideas and here is her newest!  Drop by for the Tutorial for these gorgeous blocks…make sure you have a cuppa something yummy because she has a funny story to tell you too!

I have to show you yet another creation from Thistlewood Farms…this is last years mantle and it is over the top incredible and I hear KariAnne is conjuring up something pretty fabulous this year too!  Be inspired and check out this mantle …KariAnne even shares the mercury glass pumpkin project you are NOT going to want to miss it!

Over at ivillage
they have some really nice ideas for Fall Decor…a slab of weathered wood as the base…add some candles…fruit…gourds…pumpkins…flowers…whatever you like and you have an amazing centerpiece!

Bountiful Fall Baskets DIY!

Now here is some fabulous Vintage Fall Inspirations!!!
So many of your are Flea Market lovers…well create with your finds…have fun…be inspired!

These beautiful white pumpkin centerpieces are easy to make…get the DIY!  
I see only one problem with this…I think I would eat the pistachios!

Get the DIY on this gorgeous living centerpiece that will last right through Thanksgiving…only at Southern Living!


These gourd vases are so wonderful!  They would add a special touch to your Fall decorating for sure and they would look picture perfect as a centerpiece…it can be as simple or as extensive as you want!  Great results without the huge expense.

How about a DIY for a Houndstooth Pumpkin Wreath?
Well Jen over at Tatertos and Jello will show you how…how adorable is this!  If Sherlock Holmes were going to have a Fall wreath…this would be it!


Don’t you just love this beautiful fall arrangement! It has such appeal and it can be whipped up so quickly and Laura from
Top This Top That 
will show you how with her picture DIY Tutorial!  You know what…it is going to look awesome wherever you place it!!!  By the way…if you hop over to Laura’s she has 6 more of her spectacular Fall Projects waiting for you right HERE!

Did I ever tell you that I love squirrels..yep…I do…I feed them every morning and my family thinks I am a bit crazy…well they actually know that!  It looks like this is a bit of Fall Decor that the little squirrels will go NUTS for and plus it look s fun and fabulous!  A great idea from Robin Becks Nest

I simply love a cottage vintage look that has a freshness about it and I am really loving this…a crisp white table runner…greenery…white gourds and pumpkins mixed with a variety of other natural elements…candles and a few accessories…it looks absolutely gorgeous and I hope it inspires everyone to create something special…something that it totally you and your family and remember to shop the house for pieces that you can use.  You might want to spray paint some so they fit into your Fall decor…you can always paint them another color for another season.  Have fun and you just never know what you are capable of!!! I know for fact…you are all capable of AMAZING things!




  1. Oh I just love you….i really do. I am reading all of these amazing ideas and them bam…there is mine. Really like Sophia’s centerpiece and why can’t I think of putting candy corns in my candles. Well maybe I need to stop eating them first! 🙂

  2. Andrea- I have to come back when I have more time and look at some of these ideas in closer detail. WONDERFUL post with great ideas. xo Diana

  3. Thanks for the wonderful ideas. There are so many great ones – have to spend more time going over them. Thanks so much

  4. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    Hi Andrea,
    You assembled a beautiful collection!
    Although I haven’t begun decorating for Fall yet, I’ve been gathering inspiration for a few weeks now . . . and can’t wait to begin decorating at the end of the month.
    There are so many talented people/bloggers!
    Happy Wednesday,

  5. Ah! I feel all cozy now! I think I’ll go back to bed. 🙂

  6. Oh my gosh there are some amazingly talented souls out there! Thank you for sharing these with us.

  7. Beautiful!

  8. What a gorgeous collection, Andrea! Just gorgeous!

  9. Fall has the best colors for decorating. Love these simple, elegant ideas to spruce up the house and garden.

  10. Rita Nagelkerke says:

    thanks very nice


  1. […] Do incorporate some meaningful treasures. For instance, if you’re not serving soup but have a lovely tureen, consider using it to hold your centerpiece. Here’s a perfect example from The Cottage Market. […]

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