5 Incredible Makeovers IKEA Hack Painted Furniture DIY’s

It’s time to take 5 minutes out of your busy day and check out
 Five Incredible Ikea Inspired Furniture Projects
and may I say they have a WOW factor!


 I have to be honest with everyone…I truly couldn’t believe that these furniture pieces were once sitting in a box waiting to be assembled on the selves of Ikea. The upcycling of these “Plain Janes” is equivalent to a magical make-over!  Let me show!
By the way…we now have a PART 2 IKEA HACKS!
First let’s stop off over at
Sarah snatched up a dresser at Ikea and she made a few little changes like shortening the legs which by the way look AMAZING as they are dipped in gold!  Then she treated it to a beautiful white paint treatment and accented it by painting the knobs that were included gold.  The results…why don’t I let you decide…just check it out!  Drop by for the complete DIY!
Here’s the Before and the After…what do you think!


Add a simple Mirror and Vignette …perfection!
Kalie from
shares a gorgeous DIY with us…step by step…a simple Ikea buffet is transformed into a unique and fabulous piece of furniture that can be used so many different places…it’s stunning and looks like it walked out of Pottery Barn but for a fraction of the cost.  Be Inspired!
Here is the basic buffet which is very nice…but the upcyling DIY take it from nice…
Kate over at
takes a plain light wooden dresser from Ikea and creates an upscale unique and oh so fabulous piece.  Her latest crush is furniture with fabric texture and it looks like a million bucks!  The best thing is is that she shares the step by step tutorial with us so you can get the FYI on this great DIY!!!
Can you just imagine how many ways you can customize this piece…my mind is spinning.  Just check out the beginning and then the final masterpiece…I hear your WOW!!!
Kristin over at
took a simple Forhoja Wooden Cart…by the way it is $99.99…and created an imaginative and awesome piece.  With the help of wine crates for drawers (how awesome is that) …some building talent and Martha Stewart Hardware from Home Depot…we went from this…

 to this…isn’t this awesome…I think I need one in blue…bet you do too! : )  applause Kristin!!!

Wait until you see what Sarah from
Lacquer & Linen
created from a simple Ikea Hemmes Dresser
It was a simple dresser that was just fine the way it was…but WOW talk about personality and customizing a piece of furniture to your own tastes…that is exactly what Sarah did and she says that it was easy and didn’t take a ton of time.  Of course she was oh so kind by preparing the step by step DIY Tutorial for us in detail.  I think you are going to enjoy this.
 It started like this…
 and then with Sarah’s talents…it turned into a princess!
So…what do you think?  Pretty amazing!  5 pieces of Ikea Inspired painted furniture DIY’s that are just waiting to have you put your own spin on them.  I love flea market finds…but it is awesome to know that you can get what you want…when you want it and customize it your way.  We will revisit the world of Ikea Hacks again soon.  In the meantime…maybe one of these will be this weekend’s project???
Don’t forget to check out Part 2



  1. Wow. I wish we had Ikea here in Nashville. I heard we are getting one.

  2. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Amazing pieces, I am so inspired and impressed!!

  3. Those are all great, Andrea. I love that buffet…amazing makeovers! xo Diana

  4. Andrea – those are just AMAZING!!! Wow! I’m completely blown away!!!!

    🙂 Linda

  5. Gotta love a great IKEA hack! These makeovers are so beautiful, you’d never know they came out of a box. Thanks for sharing them with us Andrea.

  6. Andrea, Wow these are incredible! To know that we can all go purchase many of these pieces and put our own spin on them makes this post even better!

  7. I loved every one of those makeovers! Isn’t it amazing how paint can totally change a look? Your blog is very inviting, nice job.


  8. The buffet is crazy-cool love it! Great roundup Andrea- xo

  9. Those are amazing! Who woulda thought, huh? 🙂

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