5 Unique Upcycled Drawer Projects

Everyone that visits The Cottage Market regularly knows that I am crazy about upcycled drawer projects…I love them!  There are so many of them and they never cease to amaze me.  I simply can not get enough of them…so today’s Take 5 is shining the spotlight on Five Fabulous Upcycled Drawer DIY Projects.
You know what is so great about these upcycled drawer projects?  They are all simple and just about anyone can make them.  So remember what I always say…if you are driving down the street…whatever street that you are on and you see a stack of drawers…slow down…put the blinker on and turn very calmly into the next side road… turn yourself around and pick those babies up and put them in your car.  Even if they are with a dresser that you can’t fit…don’t feel bad…the person that picks up the dresser can upcycle it with baskets…look at that way : )  Snatch drawers up where ever you can…there is always something brilliant that you can do with them!
Guess what?  Over at Kammy’s Korner I found a drawer project that I have never seen before!!!  I mean this upcycle diy is brilliant and I do mean brilliant!
Kammy made these awesome drawers into Window Boxes…how cool is that!  Look how amazing they look and she shares her step by step.  Oh how I love a wonderful imagination! Drop by and say hi and get the DIY.
Now we are going to visit the incredible blog…
where a simple drawer that has been painted and shabbied is being used to hold special silverware…with the dividers and little crystal know feet…this piece is to die for.
A drawer…painted in your favorite color and finish…plus a perfect handle or pull that makes you smile …add some vintage books and viola…the perfect upcycled drawer project!  It is easy…quick and can be done in a ton of styles…how adorable would a carved drawer look in a pretty pastel and crystal knob…filled with Fairy Tales in a Nursery…see where I am going here…the possibilities are endless…so collect those drawers and CREATE!!!

 This is a cottage lovers dream drawer upcycling project… with a vintage antique finish you can create a vignette for any occasion…holiday or how about your favorite things vignette.  Cottage Chic upcycling…it’s picture perfect and oh so easy!

What a great upcycling drawer project…only this time…you don’t have to find the drawers.  Over at
you will find a detailed step by step tutorial on how to build your own drawers…of course this is also inspiration on yet another way to use drawers that you find and repurpose.  One way or another…it’s a great project…very useful and looks GREAT!
Drop by and get the DIY!!!
Aren’t they fun!  Now are you ever going to let a drawer be an orphan?  Of course not!  Bring it home and give it the royal treatment…you will never be sorry!  ENJOY and CREATE!




  1. Great ideas with the drawers. I have one and have it filled with succulents on my porch and love it!!!!!!

  2. What great ideas from all those wonderful bloggers.

  3. Andrea,

    How about an up-cycled drawer filled with mason jars!!!! I’m loving the one filled with vintage books — and your genius idea to put one in a nursery with nursery rhyme books!!

    Have a fabulous day, my friend!

    🙂 Linda

  4. I have a stack of old drawers just waiting for a makeover. Genius ideas!! Xo

  5. I love the cottage-chic drawers! The mildly distressed look is charming. Have you ever tried this with wooden wine crates? They give a chateau-chic accent to the cottage look. They also look great in a wine room or kitchen.

    If your looking for original wooden wine crates for future projects visit Winepine.

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