35 DIY Dog Coats

We have 35 DIY Dog Coats for you to check out today!  The cold weather is sneaking up on us so now is the time to start getting those Winter coats ready…yours and your doggies!  So today we have 35 dapper and adorable coat projects for our canine family members.  I know that regardless which one you choose for your pup will be a labor of love.  If you don’t happen to have a doggie and you love to create…how about making a few of these cuties and donating them to your local shelter or a dog rescue organization…they would be THRILLED!!!  Let’s take a peek while we present a Doggie Runway of this years Winter Coat Fashions!


Hmmmm….how did a dachshund wind up first??? : )  I am totally in love with this dog coat.  It is sooooo my Pops and Basil’s style!  They have been wearing little hoodies since they adopted my family and may I say…they look awesome!  So when I saw this Dog Coat DIY over at Urban Threads I knew I had to share it with you.  You are going to adore this tutorial…she shows you how to measure your dog for sizing and then gives a detailed picture DIY.  So get that warm and cushy fleece in your dogs favorite color and CREATE this comfy cozy dog coat for you furry friend.  Norton…you are an amazing model…strike a pose!!!!


ok…I have to show my hoodie boys Pops and Basil…they will be getting new handmade ones this Winter!!!


Over at Martha Stewart you will find this comfy cozy…warm and fabulous Dog Sweatshirt and the step by step DIY.  Wouldn’t your little guy feel snug as a bug in a rug in this polar fleece!  Follow the basics and then add your own special touches!  I think your pup would be a very happy camper with this fabulous coat!  This little guy looks like he is ready to go to the Thanksgiving Football Game!!!


If you happen to be able to knit or know someone that does…you should snatch up this Free Knitting Dog Coat Pattern over at Chronicle Books.  Come on…how fab does this look! For those of you that are blessed with the knitting talent…you can even personalize your doggie coat with touches that express your pups personality ; )


But if it is a sweater hoodie you are looking for…check out this amazing tutorial! Oh how I wish I could Knit!!!

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I know that your dog would look awesome in this stylish dog coat by Ruth Morrison!  Believe it or not…this is all hand woven…pretty amazing right!  Don’t worry…there is a DIY pattern so those of us that can’t weave can still make this super fashionable coat!  You can find the DIY over at the Pet Project Blog.


Um…does this one get an awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww or what!  If you doggie has the style of Sherlock Holmes and the sophistication of an agent from Scotland Yard…this is the coat for him/her!  I would LOVE to see this beautiy in a houndstooth!  Drop by We Love Pets and get the full step by step DIY Tutorial for this cutie!  This one will NEVER go out of style.


Maybe a Vest is your dog’s style!  Over at {the nest} you will find a fabulous diy for a stylish vest for your pup!  It will keep your pup warm in the winter for sure…plus they will look sensational!


Check out this creative Canine Carhartt Coat for you precious pup!  Is this gorgeous guy looking incredible or what!!!!  You can improvise with all kinds of jackets and hoodies…what a GREAT way to recycle and upcycle thrift clothing.  You really have to check it out and just think of the fashions you can make your doggie!  Visit Instructables!


Wondering what to do with that sweater that you child grew out of or maybe your…hubby…a friend?  Well of course you can always donate it to the Good Will…but it just might be what you need to dress your pup in a warm fashionable sweater coat this Winter Season!  Take a look at this great tutorial on how to upcycle a sweater into a dog coat…get the step by step…I bet you will make more than one!!!  What a great idea Voknits and thanks for sharing with us!  What a little sweet heart!


Here is a cute little number from Martha Stewart.  I love the style of it and I am sure that your pup will turn many a heads with this adorable coat!  I love the look…of FAUX suede!  Now if you happen to have a bit of a larger doggie…Martha says NO problem…the pattern can easily be adapted.  So what do you think?  Could this be the one!


Now here is another fabulous pattern for Upcyling and Recyling a sweater vest this time…Craft Stylish shows you how you can take something that just might not be in style any more and make it into an amazing canine fashion!  Just look at this precious little pup named Gertie (does she look like a Gertie or WHAT!!!!!) Get the DIY and don’t let be left out in the cold.


Talk about a great recycled project…what doggie doesn’t need a denim jacket!  How great is this!!! Get the DIY over at the Instructables.  I sure think that this guy is looking FAB!!!! plus he even has a pocket to store a treat during a walk in the fresh crisp air!


How sweet is this pretty recycled doggie sweater?  lori marie PRETTY LITTLE THINGS shares her precious secrets on how to make this adorable sweater!  Drop by and visit her…a really amazing blog!  Sorry guys…this one is for the ladies!


Ok…dog lovers…dog clothes lovers…you are going to love it over at Sew Doggy Style.  It is like a virtual Project Runway for Dogs!  You will be totally amazed and hooked on creating furry friend fashions!!! Really…you will!  let’s take a peek at a few handmade fashions modeled by Sebastian!  TOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Here is a little plaid number made from a recycled flannel shirt…how awesome is this! Talk about looking Dapper!!!!


Then there is this little denim sportswear creation that simply could not be more awesome!  It’s lined…has a pocket and again…a recycled creation that makes it even more perfect.  DIY is waiting for you. Appaws for Sebastian and his Mom…they do a lot for their local Shelter!!! YAY!!!!!


Ricochet & Away has a stylish DIY Dog Coat for you and it is great!  Pippa is one adorable cockapoo and a fabulous model…but she just won’t look at the camera : )  I think it is because she knows she is drop dead gorgeous in her pretty purple winter coat that can be adapted to ANY size doggie!!!  Drop by and get the DIY!!!  Woof Woof!!!


Oh…SEW DELISH  has an quick and easy Small Dog or Puppy NEW SEW Sweater Coat Tutorial.  Look at this precious little Chi Chi in her pink polka dot creation!  If you have a little one…DO NOT MISS THIS simply DIY!!!!  There will be no shivering for any pup that is toasty in this creation.


Now this coat can be adjusted to all sizes…but this little Chi Chi is really workin this plaid dog coat…don’t you think!  Sewing Circle Crafters shares the pattern and then there are all kinds of samples to look at…you can see what fellow creafter and dog lovers have been up to for their own doggies!  Check it out…the world will be a warmer place for our furry friends!


Check out this wheaton wired hair dachshund who is modeling a gorgeous powder blue sweater and may I say…looking incredible! Jody at the hobby room diaries shares more than her old sweater with her pup…this sweater has memories…and now it lives on.  Jody…this was a fabulous idea and you can share in her brainstorm and make one for your doggie.  LOVE the look!  Upcycle and Recycle…I LOVE IT!!!!



How about this Wool Cardigan Dog Coat!!!! Martha’s little pup is looking pretty amazing in it and she shares the DIY!!!! I think a set of pearls should come with this one don’t you!


There is a Fleece Dog Sweater Coat Pattern Tutorial waiting for you over at Sew It love it!!!!  Your pup will be snug and comfy with this creative coat!  Step by Step directions are awaiting you!!!  Get out the machine and that soft and cushy fleece and have a ball!  Your doggie will thank you!


Ok…this might not be a dog coat exactly…but it is not every day that you see a cool and super sensational kitchy kimono pattern for a dog…so I had to share it with you…am I right??? Of course I am…this is just too adorable not to share!  By the way…no one ever said that a Kimono couldn’t be made from fleece…sweatshirt material or wool!!!  Check this out… you are going to want to make it BECAUSE!!!!  Thank you Kollabora for your creative endeavors…You ROCK!


Now when you have some time to really look around…drop by Kollabora and really have a look around…There are so many ideas and doggie fashions…you wil even find this incredible red and white striped recycled hoodie and yes…a dachshund foster doggie named DUFF is stylin in it!!!!  By the way…thanks for rescuing…you are awesome!  I do believe Pops and Basil need this one too…what do you think???


I stumbled upon this on Pinterest…I had to share it with you even though it is not a free pattern…I think it is actually under $3.00 but I had to make you aware of it because the fashions were just too adorable!  Check them out…they are Butterick Mcall Patterns and you can find it HERE.

B4885I am dying here…these are just so cute!!!! Look at them!!!!  AWESOME!!! : )

Cozy in Plaid Fleece!  A Dog Coat Tutorial brought to you by Compulsive Craftness…Oliver is looking sensationally sophisticated in his new ensemble…and you can make one for your special pup or pups in an afternoon!  Check it out…and your pup will stay nice an warm…guaranteed!!!


Now here is a Pocket Hoodie Dog Sweater Coat from Annie’s Creative Woman!  Annie shares the step by step knitting directions with you so you can make this for you little fur baby…Again…I WISH I COULD KNIT!!!  How gorgeous does ne look!!!! (I call everyone a he…all boys in this house : )


Here is a simple knit sweater that those of you that are wonders with wool can make in a snap!  I love how they dressed it up with a fancy collar!  DogGoneKnit shares the DIY with you …so you can get started today.


DogTipper has a great Art of Reuse project for us…how would you like it if I told you that you could make a doggie sweater coat in 20 minutes!!! Well that is what this project is about Reuse & Make a 20 Minute Dog Sweater Coat!

MM88066-cWOW…that was fast and how cute is this pup all toasty warm!!!!

Now here is yet another upcycled coat project brought to you by Resweater!  It’s simple…warm and comfy…looks great on your pup and there is a complete DIY Tutorial waiting for you! Ready…Set…Sew!


Here is a great Dog Coat Style for those pups that need a little extra warmth…it has full sleeves but not ones that are going to annoy the doggie…they have plenty of room and the coat looks great!  You will find the full DIY Tutorial over at the AOK CORRAL!  Still plenty of room to play out in the chilly air!!!


Sew Love It also has this awesome Sports Hoodie and she so graciously shares the complete DIY with us!  I just adore this and I think you will too!  Check it out!


If you are a really great seamstress and you want to create a bit of an upscale look for your little girl…you have to check out the pattern waiting for you to make this pleated dog coat!  A One Stop Shop share it with you!


Now here is an incredible upcycle idea…all you need is a sweater sleeve…yep…a sweater sleeve…how cool is that.  Drop by Babbles by Brook and get the DIY for this sensational doggie coat…how awesome is this!!!  Chip is really workin this one…STRIKE a Pose Chip…you are Fabulous!


Here is a quick Dog Coat shared by Noppa’s Sewing Club!  If you love the word QUICK…then this one is for you…it maybe quick…but it sure does look fantastic on this stately Dalmation!  Warm and cozy for sure!


How cute is this Winter Wonderland Dog Sweater!  Irresistible Pets is sharing this adorable DIY!!!  Again …upcycling…recycling is just toooooo much fun and this is surely a FUN creation don’t you think!


Well there you have it!!! 35 DIY Dog Coat Ideas!!!!  Which one will your pup be wearing!!! I wold love to see them when you make them!  Love a good doggie picture like you don’t all ready know that! : )

National Shelter Pet Month is coming to a close tomorrow…but I hope all of you keep it near and dear to your heart.  Opting to Adopt is the most precious gift you can give to a pet…but you know who the real winner is…YOU and YOUR FAMILY!!!


 If you love this DIY Post…Try DIY Pet Beds!


Don’t forget to spread the word and PIN so all doggies are warm and cozy this Winter!



  1. Pops and Basil are so adorable in their hoodies so please post what you make new for them this season as I’m sure it will be too cute. Thanks for pulling together all these DIY ideas for doggie coats; I have a cashmere sweater that really really shrunk and I can’t wear it so I set it aside thinking I’d make a coat for Beaver, but wasn’t sure where to begin. Looks like you’ve got several links to sites with upcycle sweater ideas, so he’ll probably be sporting a cashmere coat this winter. Just his luck the sweater is sort of “barbie pink” but my little guy is a trooper and he’ll wear it proudly 😉 Robin

    • Oh Robin! That is sooooooo awesome!!! My friend Beaver is going to be wearing cashmere!!! I am sure that he will look totally amazing…maybe a navy bow tie accent is in order : ) Can’t wait to see him in it : ) I have submitted the paper work into Home Depot…so hopefully soon : ) You keep me posted ok because it gets sent directly : ) Please give Mr. Beaver HUGE Hugs from all of us here ok!!!! Think of you guys and especially Mr. Beaver OFTEN!!!!! : ) Talk to you soon…tons of hugs!!!

  2. It never really gets cold enough for doggie wear, but I will be sharing this post with our dog park friends especially those adorable doxies of yours.

  3. Thank you for featuring our Winter Wonderland dog sweater! This is a great roundup! I plan on sharing on my social media networks! Thanks!

    -Aimee and Chuy

  4. Amazing!! Where to start?

  5. Marinda B. says:

    I just got an idea while I was at work tonight(I just got off) to April Fool my policeman husband. We’re always joking about making one of our pets a police animal(3 cats and a dog who’s intimidated by them lol) so I’ve decided to see if I can find an old police shirt to use. Then, when he gets up to go to work, there they are, in the patrol car ready to go(I’ll slip them in right before he leaves)!

    M. Boydstun

  6. One of the problems with coats for Dachshunds is that they are never long enough, particularly underneath. Dachshunds get awfully wet underneath and need just as much protection there as they do on top when they go out in wet weather. Even if it’s not raining but has been raining, a Dachshund will come in soaking underneath despite his back being dry.

  7. Thanks for these patterns. They all look great. I was hoping to find one that covers their back hips more so I am hoping to adjust one to do this. I’m sure a lot of dogs have problems with back hips, so it would be great to find a coat pattern that covers back hips and a little bit of legs. Maybe if I can adjust a pattern I could post it here. Thank You.

  8. Thank you for this post! I’ve shared it with my sweaterpups friends on Facebook. We’re a collective of crafters making doggie sweaters for southern rescues finding homes in the colder north. Spread the word, if you want, and keep crafty! Woof! sweaterpups.com

  9. Thank you for compiling this list with pictures! 🙂 makes it easy to find the right style.


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