15 Mulled Wine Recipes

Tis the Season for Joy and Cheer and some yummy warm…aromatic… Mulled Wine.  I can just taste it now …sitting around the fire with family and friends enjoying a delicious treat kissed with a special blend of winter spices.  Everyone has a different way to make this delicious brew and here are a few for you to create with.  Do what I do…take what you love from a few recipes and make your own…or you just might find the perfect one that you make as is!  There is only one thing that I can highly recommend for total success and that is use a good red wine…the rest is simply magic.


15 Mulled Wine Recipes

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So there you have it my friend…a medley of Mulled Wine Recipes!  A picture perfect Winter Holiday Treat for Family and Friends!  It makes life easy because you can make up a big batch of this and have it ready and waiting!  I highly recommend…warming this brew gently and then putting it into a crock pot on warm…then it will be there at the perfect temp all through the party.  That is fabulous for any warm drink even though the recipe may not call for it…as long as you just keep it on warm…all will be good!

Also Remember to drink responsibly and NEVER Drink and Drive!

Cheers and ENJOY your warm glass of on of these Mulled Wine Recipes this Holiday Season!





  1. I am always looking for great cocktail recipes for the holidays…pinning!!!..Thanks Andrea!


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