Apple Desserts The Whole Family Will Love

How about serving up some Apple Desserts the whole family will love this Holiday Season.  You are going to find a fabulous array of Apple Desserts waiting for you to create.  One more delicious than the other!  From Apple Slab cake to Apple Brownies…can’t you just smell the aroma of apples and cinnamon in the air.  So…apples are on today’s menu…I know that perfect dessert for family and friends is waiting for you here today! If you are looking for the perfect Apple Pie Recipe…you might want to check here.


Oh…this one is soooooooo on my baking list this Holiday Season!  Apple Slab Cake freshly baked by the one and only Smitten Kitchen…this is guaranteed to be absolutely apple amazing!  I love it because you can bake it…cut it…store it and have it ready to pop on a serving plate in seconds!  Just in case haven’t visited Smitten Kitchen before…you owe it to yourself to drop by!!!


How about trying my very own Salted Caramel Apple Pie Sundae!  Trust me…you won’t be disappointed!  Make all the toppings ahead of time and be ready to serve a fabulous treat to family and friends!


Now here is a little cloud of heaven!!!!   Mom’s “Tupp” Apple Cardamom Cake created by a divine baker and incredible photographer Tartelette.  How gorgeous are these little beauties and they taste even better than the look if that is even possible!


Joy of Baking is serving up a Fabulous French Apple Tart…a little culinary work of art…you will get the ooooooo’s and the ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh’s with this one for sure!

French Apple Tart Recipe

Anne over at On Sutton Place is whipping up the perfect Holiday Breakfast treat…Apple Walnut Coffee Cake…all I can say is YUM YUM YUM!!!!  This is another one of those fabulous culinary treats that can be all sliced up in a container…ready and waiting to make your family and friends smile…put on a pot of heavenly coffee and you will be sharing some major holiday cheer!!!


For a slice of rustic beauty…Tartelette has yet another apple treat…Lady Apple Cake…how gorgeous would this look on your holiday table…oh what I would do to have smellivision!


Over at David Rocco’s Kitchen Heals the Soul a glorious Apple Yogurt Cake is on the menu and you can just taste it with your eyes…look how moist and yummy it looks! mmmmm goood!


Allyson Kramer…where have you been all my life…this is a BRILLIANT IDEA!!!!!  Apple Nachos…AWESOME!!! Can you see the kids eyes light up when this mound of apples…caramel and chocolate chips hits the table! YUM!!!!


The Girl Who Ate Everything sure has a WINNER here…Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bars…can’t you just taste that creamy dreamy little bite of goodness!!!!  I would have some of these ready and waiting for anyone that walked through the door…what a great way to say hello!!!


Treats is serving up an apple CLASSIC!!!!  Have you ever met anyone that didn’t love a great Apple Strudel …I don’t think so : )


Aren’t these precious!!!  Can you believe that they are a cinch to make too!!!  Hope on over to the creative genius Sprinklebakes and she will fill you in on how to make these cuties in a snap.  The Easiest Ever Rustic Apple Tart!!!


I can tell you for sure that these little Apple Pie Pot Stickers are yummy and oh so much fun!  Hey…have you ever served an apple pie with chop sticks…it’s fun and your guests will love it!  So whip up a plate of these scrumptious little pot sticks and serve them up with some maple syrup…caramel sauce and any other of your favorite dips…a real crowd please and they can all be made ahead…even frozen…just waiting to be prepared in minutes!


Uncle Bob’s Fresh Apple Cake will sure be a people pleaser and look wonderful on the holiday table.  It’s rustic look just screams for a dunk in some ice cold milk!   Icing Glaze of sugar…honey and mil…does it get better!


Now we are going to visit another fabulous site…My Baking Addiction and guess what is on the menu there… these incredible Apple Pie Bars…oh they look sooooooooooooooooooooooooo good!!!! I do believe I am going to have to find out first hand!


Quick Apple Dumplings!!! Sounds Great to me!  Snatch up this great recipe over at My Recipes!


Now it is time for a Cup of Jo in NYC!!!!!  If Jo says it is the Best Apple Crisp Ever…I have to take her word for it! How can someone that knows the BIG APPLE so well be wrong! ; )


This amazing Apple Upside-Down Cake does indeed look Decidedly Decadent!  I actually can taste the caramel goodness hidden in those crunch apple nooks and crannies!!!! I don’t think you can loose with this one!


Yvonne from Stone Gable is serving up Raw Apple Cake and she says that it encompasses everything fabulous about Fall and let me tell you…she is one heck of a cook and baker and I would take her word anytime…any day!!!  I do believe this is one that should be on everyone’s apple list : )  by the way…when you are visiting this recipe…visit the entire blog…talk about AMAZING!


Dutch Apple Cake with Caramel Glaze…YES PLEASE!!!


Ohhhhhhh…how faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabulous does this Apple Butter Cake with an apple cheesecake filling look!!!  Well Bakers Royale is dealing up this winning recipe so we can all experience hitting the taste bud JACKPOT!!!


Yummy Mummy is serving up a light and Healthy Apple Crisp that is simply DELISH!


Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeello Dolly Bars are being served up at My Recipes!!!  MMMmmm good!  graham crackers…butterscotch morsels…chocolate chips…coconut and more are the stars of this premier dessert oh and did I mention it has condensed milk…now you know what we are talking about!  Every Holiday should have at least one batch of these treats!


Food and Wine is going to serve you a slice of their famous 5 star Maple-Apple Upside-Down Cake and WOW is is awesome!


creme de la crumb (is that like the greatest name : ) is serving these ooooey…goooooey…squares of nutty apple goodness…Maple Pecan Apple Pie Bars …oh I so wish I had one of these with my 3rd cup of coffee right now!


You should not live another moment in life without having one of these Apple Beignets with Caramel Sauce…really…you deserve one…two or three of these…Treat yourself and your family and friends…is their a rating that just says WOW???


So there you have it my friends! APPLE DESSERTS the WHOLE Family will LOVE!  These are all great ANYTIME but even more fabulous during the Holiday Season!  Which ones will you be making???? How about all of the above : )




  1. I printed off two of these recipes to try right away. The ALL look delicious! xo Diana

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