Organizing Your Kitchen for the Holidays Part 1

Organizing Your Kitchen might not be on the top of your list during the Holiday Season…but a little bit of organizing just might make the season a bit more festive and fun!  Today we are going to focus on general little things you can do to save space…make things a bit more efficient and all around easier to find all the things you need while you are cooking and baking!   Then in another look…we will check out some great ideas on how to organize the fridge…and more!  My goal is to make at least 3 or 4 changes…Rome wasn’t built in a day…but every little bit of organizing is going to help you build a better…more efficient kitchen and that will make the Holiday Entertaining Season so much easier.


Organizing Your Kitchen for the Holidays Part 1

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Well there you have it…Part one of Organizing Your Kitchen for the Holidays.  They are easy ideas and a if you decide to implement just one…I know that it will make your life so much easier!  They are quick…fun…efficient and cost effective.  Hope these great ideas shine a little inspiration your way…ENJOY!







  1. Great post, Andrea. Organizing my kitchen is really the last thing on my mind this time of year, but it would make my life so much easier!

  2. I love to be organized and these are some great ideas…I am much much happier in an organized Kitchen. Thank you so so much for sharing my sweet friend…hope you are very very well. xoxo

  3. i am SO doing that with my onions!!!
    hmm ..maybe i should re-phrase that, but you know what i mean!! LOL

  4. Where did you get the adorable salt and pepper mills?

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