Quick & Easy Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas {Personalized}

Quick & Easy Holiday Gift Wrapping is the way I want to go this year!  Can I be honest with you, I really love the way my package experiment came out…but it was not what I planned!  Nope!  As they say…the best laid plans of Mice and Men…


so…would you like to know what I planned?  I will tell you…I was looking around on the internet…and made a visit to anthropologie as I do frequently and I saw their adorable ornaments this year.  They are cute little letters…wrapped in wool with tiny little pom poms on them…so I thought…how adorable…so easy and so cute…all I need now is some wool and some little pom poms…oh yes…some letters!


This is going to be so easy…I will wrap all the letters in white wool and then change up the colors with different pom poms on each!  Well…guess what…it wasn’t easy…wrapping a letter in wool is not something you do in no time flat.  It takes a well thought out executed plan so each little bit of the letter is covered and wrapped with care.  Our project is suppose to be quick and easy…yes….I am doing this project for the FABULOUS (Gina, Ashley, Karianne & Laura} …so I had to rethink the plan.  Hmmmmm…there is glitter on the shelf…so I got that down…there is plenty of paint in all different colors there too…so I placed that on my work desk.  My plan was to paint the letters different colors and create random color schemes and that I did.  Well I wasn’t in love…but the red was sticking out…so I tried a red one with color coordinating pom poms and then I glittered a letter in red…liking it!


So I found some pretty red ribbon on the shelf and decided that I wanted to use that and how about some silver glitter too!


Then I said to myself…the red ribbon was just not wide enough on it’s own…the package needs something more…so I got the white wool that was suppose to be for letter wrapping and wrapped it around the package and around and around…I liked it….then I tied the red ribbon over it and it looked fabulous!  So I continued to wrap different packages with the wool and the ribbon…forming a few different patterns…


It worked!  All I needed was some paint…pom poms…glitter…letters…glue and craft paper!


Then the rest was easy!  I painted some letters in red and white…then glued pom poms on them…you can put a little twine so they can hang on the tree…put a magnet on the back so they can use it for a magnet…or just tape it on and the person can decide for themselves what they would like to do with their initial.  Then I simply taped the wool to the back of the package and wrapped and wrapped and wrapped till I felt as though I had a wide enough band…then I tied it off.  Then tied the red ribbon over the wool and attached the monogram…viola…so easy it is unbelievable…you can wrap tons and tons of packages this way and they will all look great!  Create your own color palette…maybe add some polka dots to the craft paper…there are so many possibilities!  I truly stumbled upon my wrapping style for this year by accident and I am glad I got to share it with you!  Talk about COST effective…This one is!  I snatched the letters up for $3.50 with a 50% coupon…$1.75 for 32 embellishments!  Your supplies will go a long way!  You will have tons of fun creating…Hope my little accident can inspire you to create your very own custom wrapping!


Rock your Holidays with style!

Wait until you see what my friends have in store for you…even MORE Quick & Easy Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas



I leave you today with a little quote from JFK…my dads favorite president…”It is better to have lit a candle than to curse the dark”.


  1. Oh.
    .I love the use of the letters on the packages.

  2. Very personalized. I find the letters cute. This is a good idea for the coming holidays. Thanks

  3. LOVE this idea. 🙂 Looks total Anthropologie to me. 🙂

    So happy Christmas is around the corner. 🙂

    Happy, happy weekend to you!

  4. That is a really cute idea. I am collecting the ideas as I go here- xo Diana

  5. When I was knee deep in ebay sales we used the brown craft paper to stuff boxes. One year I was so stressed about wrapping gifts, I wrapped them a bit at a time at my building where I did my ebay shipping. I used the brown craft paper to wrap all my gifts. I used tons of plaid ribbon. I loved the look and was never happier with my gift wrapping than that year. I love how you bumped it up! Your sparkly letters are wonderful!

  6. sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! Sending hugs and ear scratches ( for the doxeys) across the miles xo

  7. super cute… pity that I cannot find these letters in France !
    Well done !

  8. Where did you find those letters? I love the look and I love your website!

    • Hi there Jan! How are you and so nice to meet you! Actually I got those letters at Michael’s for $3.50 and then with my 50 percent coupon…we are talking less than 2 dollars and there were 35 in the pack…pretty cool right! Hope you are able to pick some up and thanks so much for the kind words on my blog…so appreciate it! If you need me for anything else…just let me know : ) always happy to help…here’s wishing you and yours the best Thanksgiving EVER!!! hugs…

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