Pop’s Pizza Homemade Dog Treats

Today the doorbell is ringing and it is a Pizza Delivery for your doggie!  Yep…today we are serving up Pop’s Pizza Treats here at The Cottage Market.  These crunch little bones that have been baked with plump chopped sun dried tomatoes…grated cheese….a blend of whole wheat flour…cornmeal and chopped parsley will make your pup sit up and beg…roll-over and give tons of wags and kisses.  About 8 years ago…we ran an online bakery for dogs called the Jersey Doggie Diner and these were the best sellers by far and by the way…they are POP’s and Basil approved (our rescue doxie father and son pair : )  These treats are delicious…and healthy!  They have the the flavor of pizza without the mess!  So next time you make pizza or order your favorite take-out pizza…make a batch of Pop’s Pizza Homemade Dog Treats for your pups or pup…there are some wet sloppy kisses waiting for you if you do!


So does your doggy love a good crunch?


Does you pup sit up and beg while you are eating your yummy slices of pizza?


When a little bit of cheese hits the ground…does you little furry friend scoot over faster than lightning to help you clean the floor?


If you answered yes to any of these…your canine friend needs some Pop’s Pizza Homemade Dog Treats without a shadow of a doubt!


So let’s get to making this tasty treat dough and start rollin!


Pop’s Pizza Homemade Dog Treats (aka:  Poppa’s Pizza Poppers)


2 cups of Whole Wheat Flour

2 cups of Unbleached White Flour

1/2 cup of Corn Meal

1 egg

1 3/4 cups of water – 2 cups of water…if the dough is a little dry…just add a little bit more water : )

3 tablespoons of olive oil or vegetable oil

2 tablespoons of parsley

1 teaspoon of basil

1 cup of grated cheese (Parm, Pecorino or if you like to mix it up…use a cheddar or a blend of cheese…you know…like a four cheese pizza!)

1 cup of chopped sundried tomatoes.  (If you are using oil packed…use the oil from the tomatoes instead of olive oil or vegetable oil…a lot of extra flavor )


Time to fire up the over to 375 degrees

Put all of your ingredients in a large bowl…mix well then flour a working space and knead the dough till it well formed (it will be a stiff dough).

Roll out the dough till it is approximately 1/2″ thick and then cut out any size or shape you would like (I have to admit I usually make them in to small squares or little circles since my doggies are smaller…but they looked much prettier in the dog bone shape : )  So whatever size or shape is wonderful!

Once they are all cut out and on a greased baking sheet or placed on parchment they get popped into the over for approximately 50 minutes.

After 40 minutes…I take them out…brush them with oil and sprinkle some extra cheese on top…it’s a little something extra but it does not have to be done : )

Now cool the bones and serve them up to your furry friend!  I highly recommend storing what you would use in a weeks time in an air tight container and then pop the rest in the freezer for the later…that way you are assured to have FRESH Homemade Dog Treats any time your pup is craving some Pizza! After a great meal a soft cuddly homemade bed is always a good idea!

Pops and Basil give these Pop’s Pizza Homemade Dog Treats 8 Paws UP!!!

*concentrated garlic, garlic salt, liquid garlic are all toxic to dogs.  the small amount of fresh chopped garlic in this recipe does not endanger your dog in any way…it is distributed throughout the entire dough batter which makes 42 2 1/2″ bones …the amounts are miniscule.  Large amounts of garlic or any concentrated garlic can endanger your dog …this will not…you can read further on the ASPCA list of foods.


Pops and Basil also HIGHLY recommend these Homemade Dog Treats as gifts to all of your furry friends on the gift giving list…just tie them up …add a Baked with Love tag and make some other doggies HAPPY!


I think your furry friend or friends would love to smell some of these yummy Homemade Dog Treats baking in the oven today…don’t you!

Sending Doxie (((((HUGS))))) to everyone!

BONE Appetit!


For MORE Yummy Treats…click our 25 Homemade Dog Treat Collection



  1. Rhonda Desgranges says:

    Our little Gobble can’t wait to try these treats! Thanks for sharing with us!

    • Oh we soooooo hope that little Gobbie loves them!!!! Please give GOBBIE a BIG hug from all of and Pops sends some extras! : ) Hugs and have a fabulous Holiday!!!

  2. Penny the doxie/jack russell mix is Pinning this with me right now 🙂 These look really good!!
    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!!


  3. Tomotoes are not good for dogs. Please research this.

    • Hi Jen, how are you. I have done the research on it…I would never endanger a dog or any other animal. Here is the info on tomatoes from the pet poison hot line: The ripened fruit of this plant (the commonly eaten tomato) is considered non-toxic but the green parts of the plant contain solanine, a glycoalkoloid. Solanine is also found in many other plants from the Solanaceae family, including the potato plant (green parts only). Typically, when ingested by dogs and cats, it rarely results in toxicity. A large amount needs to be ingested (e.g., chronically in cattle) for solanine to result in severe poisoning. Ingestion can cause severe gastrointestinal distress (e.g., vomiting, diarrhea), lethargy, weakness, and even confusion.

      So that is where the confusion is…the red tomato is fine for them and is in many published recipes include Three Dog Bakery : ) Then for some further information…here is the link to food that are dangerous to dogs…directly from the ASPCA…this is a great list to print and have on hand…put it inside your closet along with the poison emergency number and your vet. http://www.aspca.org/pet-care/virtual-pet-behaviorist/dog-behavior/foods-are-hazardous-dogs

      Hope that clears things up : ) I have been making these for years and for many many many dogs…it is totally safe! Bone Appetit : )

      Hugs to you Jen for your concern.

    • Leo Malachi says:

      What awesome treats! Can’t wait to make these! In regards to Jens comment, I just wanted to say do your research when making bold comments like “tomatoes are poisonous for dogs – do your research.” You are the one who needs to do your research. Common pet treats are loaded with byproduct, BHA, sugar, cheap fillers, red 40 etc but these arnt poisonous right? I could not think of something healthier for a dog than a ripe tomato. Tomatoes are loaded with cancer fighting antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. I feed all my dogs tomatoes daily and they love them and paw for them! So Jen, please do your research before posting ridiculous comments. It really confuses people when lies are spoken. Again, just do your research,
      Thanks and great article!

      • So happy you like the recipe! It has been my dogs favorite for a very long time! Let me know once you make them ok! Sending hugs to you and the pups!!! Enjoy your evening!

  4. These look fantastic….Savannah is going to LOVE these tasty treats. She is going to share them with her “cousins” in SC for Easter treats in the puppy easter basket. Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. you mention garlic but it is not in the ingredients list. i’ve omitted it and they are still just tasty.

    • Hi there Jaki, how are you : ) Yes…I personally use 1 clove finely minced and it is distributed through out 42 biscuits which makes it almost non existent but adds just a touch of flavor. I checked with the ASPCA and they acknowledged it would not harm dogs in any way at that amount. But I removed it since it upset some people. Sorry for any confusion. I check ALL the ingredients and the safety of every recipe I create: ) I would NEVER EVER endanger a dog or any animal in any way…so I just thought it best to remove it from the ingredients : ) So glad your pup found them tasty…it is my pups favorite snacks! Hugs and hugs to your pup!

  6. you say to keep in air tight container, do you have to keep them refrigeratored as well?

    • Hi there Terri. how are you. You do not have to refrigerate them…they will keep a good three weeks in an air tight container…but keeping them in the fridge will keep them fresher longer and you can even freeze them up to 3 months. I hope that helps…I should have put that information in the post and I thank you for asking! Hope your pups enjoy : ) hugs…

  7. Hi! Hoping to make these as a birthday treat for my pizza crust-loving pup, but wondered if you’d ever tried them omitting the cheese? We try to limit animal products. Thanks in advance!!

    • Hi there Emily, how are you. So glad that you like the recipe and as far as the cheese is concerned I will say that it does add a lot of taste to the biscuit…but you could add a cup of shredded carrots and zucchini into it also to add a bit more bulk and flavor. After you shred the zucchini…make sure to give it a good squeeze and get as much of the liquid out and then mix that combo into the biscuit dough. You also might want to add a tablespoon more of olive oil. I made a similar treat last week and I am working on it to put up on the blog. There are some organic vegan cheese out there that are very yummy if you ever want to consider adding one of those to your beautiful pups treats. Sure Hope that helps…I will tell you that the sun dried tomatoes add TONS of flavor and you could also chop a few more of them into the mix too! Please let me know how it goes ok. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your pup? If you would like to share his name and a picture…we would LOVE THAT!!! Sending wishes for a picture perfect week…and a wonderful Birthday!!! Hugs to all!


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