Snowman Cookie Mason Jar DIY and Recipe

The baking is about to begin and gift giving is right around the corner so why not combine the two and give an adorable little snowman cookie jar filled with what else…snowballs!  YUM!  So today’s little DIY is a cute Snowman Cookie Mason Jar and then the recipe for Snowballs or as some call them Russian Tea Cakes. It’s a simple DIY and an even easier recipe. Together they make a perfect gift for just about anyone on your list…especially Teachers, Your favorite Post Person…Neighbors and more.  Oh and if you are looking for some fabulous gifts for the baker in your life…check out our first gift guide of the season…yes…it is for Bakers!




Let’s start with a really simple DIY for the Snowman Cookie Mason Jar.  You can of course use any size mason jar you would like or any jar for that matter!  Then you will need some simple supplies…a styrofoam ball (I used a 2 1/2 inch ball)…decorative paper of your choice…hot glue…your favorite craft glue…a brush and some white glitter which is optional…some little seed beads…a wooden skewer and then some ribbons and embellishments.


This step is optional but I kind of like it…it gives the snowman a touch of sparkle.  All you need to do is cover your ball with your favorite craft glue and then roll in fine white crystal glitter and allow it to dry for about 15 minutes.  By the way…a bucket of these with a big bow is a great additional to any Winter decor!


Cut two 2 inch wide strips of your favorite decorative paper.  You can use paper or card stock.  I used card stock and just saying…it is a little harder to fold : )  Now do an accordion pleat on both strips…


now simply glue the two strips together.


Now twist to form a circle and glue securely.  Remember…you will be placing the ball on top of this medallion…so the center does not have to be perfect at all…make sure it is glued securely : )


Tale a half circle piece of paper (I used a 2 1/2 inch punch cut in half) or of course you can just draw and cut your own.  Then did a very light tri-fold.


Now form your cone and glue together at the seam.  You can use hot glue or double stick tape…both work perfectly.


Now glue a little pom pom or bead to the top…you might want to add more or maybe a ribbon trim…it’s all up to you!  As you can see…I used hot glue (my little strings are showing…so sorry!)


By now your glittered styrofoam ball are nice and dry.  If you don’t choose to glitter it is NO big deal…the styrofoam on its own is just fabulous for this project.  So now you want to give your little Snowman a face and it could not be easier.  Take a simple skewer… poke a little hole…place a tiny dab of glue and put your seed bead in…that’s it…repeat …repeat…repeat!


Now for the little guy’s nose…just snip off the end to the skewer after you use it…give it a coat of orange paint or glitter and just push it into the center…you don’t even need glue.


Now it is time to glue it all together…I strongly recommend hot glue…just be careful not to burn your fingers.


Add any little embellishments that you would like and now it is time for you to attach him to the top of the Mason Jar…once again…I used hot glue right after I wrapped a pretty little bow around the rim.


This little guy is ALMOST ready for gift giving…but first…we need the recipe for the Snowballs and WOW is it easy!!!


Snowball Cookie Recipe:

2 sticks of softened butter

1/2 cup of confectioners sugar (you will also need a cup of confectioners sugar to roll the balls into)

2  cups of sifted flour with a 1/2 tsp of salt  (1/4 tsp of salt if you are using salted butter)

2 teaspoons of vanilla

3/4’s of a cup of chopped nuts or you can use chopped up cranberries…mini chocolate chips…you get the picture…but most love chopped walnut or pecans…it is the traditional way.  By the way…for those that have allergies…these cookies work perfectly without anything added…they are really yummy plain.


Cream the butter in your mixing bowl until it is really creamy.  Add your 2 teaspoons of vanilla and mix.  Gradually add your 1/2 cup of confections sugar (if you do it quickly…you will match the snowman with a very white face : ).  Beat until light and fluffy.  Now take the sifted flour with salt added and gradually add it to the butter mixture until everything is combined.  Then fold in your nuts or other additives or use straight up.  We have been using this recipe in our family now for 4 generations…time tested : )

Time to shape the snowballs.  You are looking to make a 1 inch round ball you might want to use a melon baller if you are looking for exact sizing…but it is very easy to eyeball them and who doesn’t love little homemade imperfections!  Place the snowballs on an ungreased baking sheet about 2 inches apart.  Then lightly flatten them so the bottoms are slightly flat.  It is now time to pop them into a preheated oven to 350 and bake for approximately 15 minutes.  As we all know…ovens vary.  What you are looking for is a nice golden brown bottom : )  Remove from the oven and while they are still hot…roll them in the powdered sugar.  I use a brown paper bag.  I put the confectioners sugar in and then I add 4 -5 cookies at a time and shake them up and then place them on a cooling rack or dish.  These store wonderfully in an air tight jar…tin or container and will last 2 weeks…but they won’t last that long I promise!  But now that they are cool…this time we are going to place them in our jar and top it with our Snowman Friend!  The perfect gift don’t you think!

Snowman Cookie Mason Jar…the perfect gift!



See you later with more FUN!


  1. He’s so very cute!! Thanks for sharing the tutorial!! 🙂 Happy December!! Hugs, xox Holly

    • Hey there Holly!!!! How are you sweetie! So glad you enjoyed the little Snowman Tutorial!!! : ) Sending hugs to you and yours…how is the adorable doxie grand pup!!!!

  2. We always made snowballs for Christmas from the time I was little back in the fifties. What a great way to share them!

    • Hi there Jeannie…don’t you just love them! They are Like one of my favorites too! In fact the whole family loves them…including the pups : ) LOL!!!! So glad you like their little jar…who wouldn’t want a jar of snowballs…and I right???? : )
      hugs and have a fabulous and wonderful day!!!! Talk to you soon!

  3. So cute, my friend!!!! Pinning of course!

    🙂 Linda


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