Bananas Foster Cheesecake Pudding {Mason Jar No Bake Dessert}

Do you like the way the words Bananas Foster Cheesecake Pudding go together?  Guess what…when you put them together in real life you are going to love them!!!  This might not be the traditional Banana Pudding that you are use to…but I guarantee you you are going to enjoy it.  Wish I could say it was low in calories or on the lite side…but that alas…not this time…but once or twice a year you can certainly go for it!




This is a great dessert for company because you can make it ahead of time and top it off with some whipped cream right before you are ready to serve!


Pudding Directions:

For the pudding you can do 1 of 3 things!  You can choose your favorite custard or pudding recipe and make it and then fold in freshly made whipped cream gently.  Or you can make pudding from your favorite box brand…allow to cool COMPLETELY…chilled… and then fold in your whipped cream or you can use the recipe that I used and which is the Joy of Baking…I had to adapt it a bit so if you choose to make that recipe…I used 1/2 cup of corn starch because the mixture has to be nice and thick to hold the whipped cream and act as a perfect filling.  There is a really nice video over there showing you a simple step by step…I have to tell you that the recipe was wonderful and tasted like it was made in heaven!  So basically what you do is make 1 recipe of your choice of pudding and then take 1 cup of heavy cream 2 tablespoons of sugar and beat on medium high until you have nice soft peaks of whipped cream.  Then you fold the whip cream into the pudding bit by bit until it is completely blended into a beautiful pastry cream.  I have to say that the box pudding version really works nicely and is a BIG time saver!

Cheese Cake Filling:
1 8 ounce bar of softened cream cheese
2/3 cup sugar
Whip these two ingredients up till they are smooth and creamy

Banana Foster Caramel Sauce:
3-4 medium bananas
1 1/4 cup heavy cream
1 cup of brown sugar
6 tablespoons of butter
sea salt
Slice the bananas into 1 inch slices.  Then in your favorite skillet melt the butter…add the brown sugar mixing completely and then slowly add the heaven cream stirring constantly till you have a nice creamy caramel sauce (about 3-4 minutes) this one is so simple. Shut off heat and then combine the bananas into the caramel sauce (reserving a little bit for the top if your like!

You will need nilla wafers and I also used cubed pound cake…you can use one or the other or both…it’s up to your tastes : )

You will also need some whipped cream or Topping and of course a cherry on top adds that perfect touch. One thing to make you feel better…this does make 8 single servings or  4 pint Mason Jar double servings. Sundae dishes are fun too or any dessert dish…ENJOY!

All you have to do now is layer!  If you are making single servings in ramekins…place a little bit of caramel and banana at the bottom…then place a few nilla wafers over it…spread a tablespoon of the cream cheese mixture over that…then an little layer of the banana mixture and sprinkle a tiny bit of saltt…some nilla wafers or pound came cubes…some pudding…some bananas and then top with whipped cream…a bit of the caramel sauce a touch of sea salt and a cherry on top!  Follow the same pattern for the Mason Jars…it will just take a little bit more!  You can prepare these ahead of time…they taste really delicious once then have rested and married together.  You can change up the recipe by using all pudding if you don’t care for cheesecake…you can use different fruits…you can just use your imagination…but I will tell you these flavors are fabulous together!

Serve up the Mason Jar with a nice long spoon!


Your family is going to love this treat and if you are going to have company…this is a real winner!


Serve it in single servings or double for those with hefty appetites or it would be great to share with 2 spoons too!


You just can’t go wrong with this scrumptious combo!
Bon Appetit!


You can always so some extra push-ups are run an extra mile : ) lol!!! Sometimes it’s worth it.



  1. Wow! It’s a super looking pudding! I bet it’s hard to eat just one.

  2. Yum! What a fun dessert and love the presentation! Must try this one 🙂


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