Cinnamon Toast Crunch French Toast

Rise and Shine! If you are a French Toast lover…you are going to be head over heels in love with this yummy Cinnamon Toast Crunch French Toast.  It is actually very quick and easy and I guarantee there will be smiles at the table if you serve it for Breakfast..Lunch or Dinner…also perfect for Brunch.   So let’s go make some Cinnamon Toast Crunch French Toast and feel like a kid again! Check out our little note at the bottom of the page…we don’t want you to miss anything : )


You won’t believe how quickly you can have this sweet and crunchy delight on everyone’s plate!  Add some icy cold milk…maybe a bit of fresh fruit and of course the French Toast cooked to perfection topped with homemade whipped cream and Cinnamon Toast Crunch sprinkles.


Can you smell the goodness!


I promise they will come running for this plate of yumminess!


Now you will see how easy it is!
This recipe makes 4 1 inch thick slices of French Toast

4 Free Range Eggs
1/2 cup of half and half (you can use whole milk if you like)
2 tablespoons of light brown sugar
1/2 good vanilla extract
a pinch of salt
2 cups of Cinnamon Toast Crunch (place them in the food processor and grind them to the consistency of graham cracker crumbs)
Butter for cooking
1 inch thick Homemade White Bread is what I used…but not to worry…you can use any bread of your choice.  If you want the homemade White Bread and you don’t want to bake…just check your Supermarket for a fresh loaf and they are always available at Panera or your local Bakery…by the way…Brioche and Challah work fabulously.


Place all of your ingredients except the Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Butter into a mixing bowl and beat with a whisk till everything is blended.  Now place your first piece of bread into the mixture…let it sit for a minute and then turn it and sit for another minute…then place it on a place…repeat till you are done.  Now you will have a plate with the yummy crumbs waiting… then you will coat both sides of each piece of bread with the the crumbs…just like you bread crumb eggplant!  Preheat the oven to 200 degrees.  Get your favorite skillet out…melt the butter on medium heat and place your bread in the pan.  I cooked the toast on each side for 4 minutes.  Be patient and make sure you get a nice rich golden brown crunch on both sides.  When you toast is done…place the slices on a plate and put into the warm oven. Now make your next batch or if you are done…serve it up!  Use your favorite syrup…sprinkle with powdered sugar if you like…then some fresh whipped cream and Cinnamon Toast Crunch Sprinkles…YUM!!!  You know what would be fun…making it with YOUR favorite cereal…hope you and yours ENJOY!!!

You Cinnamon Toast Crunch French Toast is served!


Remember to come back later for a fun collection of DIY’s…I do believe that there will also be an array of delicious recipes and oh yes…a West Elm Knock-off Collection that I know you will love and it will be in a scroll down form…something for everyone with The Cottage Market’s NEW Line-up!!! Stay Tuned and suggestions WELCOME!



  1. you are so clever!!!!! xoxo P.S. looking forward to having you as my guest next week ♥

  2. Andrea,

    This looks DELICIOUS! Absolutely beautiful photography! Thanks for the yummy distraction this morning. 🙂 Good thing I don’t cook and I have my power bar. 🙂 hee hee


  3. I found this on pinterest and looks amazing. Quick question, is that 1/2 a teaspoon or tablespoon of vanilla?


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