Detox Waters

Do you want to drink more water?  Is there just so much water you can drink?  Well if your are among the many that want basically a no calorie drink…that has no chemicals and after tastes but has plenty of natural flavor…then this collection of Detox Waters…aka waters with taste are what you need.  They help you to obtain the amount of water you need while tasting amazing!  The great benefit of these fun drinks is that they are healthy and natural!  Many refer to these refreshments as Detox Waters…whatever you call them…they are wonderful!water0


Doesn’t this look incredible refreshing!  I do believe I could drink a gallon of this fresh and fabulous Mint and Lemon Water!

water1Eat Yourself Skinny

I happen to have this beautiful glass of strawberry water in front of me as we speak.  It is fabulous!

water2Coffee & Quinoa

Lemon and Ginger are a magical combination…believe it or not…I drink this cold and hot…when I have it hot…I add a little bit of organic brown sugar…just a pinch and it is amazing!

water3Linda Wagner

Fresh citrus…crisp cucumbers…a twist of mint…YUM!


Just slice up that favorite fruit nice and thin…add it to some yummy water and feel refreshed!

water6Fit Sugar

A smorgasbord of flavored waters to make you smile!

water7Reality of You

How wonderful does this mason jar filled with goodness look!

water8Everyday Roots

This post has a great collection of Natural Fruit Water Recipes!

water9Amanda’s Apron

This one is recommended by Dr. Oz!

water10Yes You Can! Diet Plan


So do you think you might be able to drink more water now?  There are so many ways to brighten up this fresh and fabulous drink.  All of these ideas are happy and healthy.  Oh and if you have days when your ring in too tight and you are feeling a bit bloated…anyone of these quenching drinks will take care of that problem…NATURALLY!






  1. This is what we’re doing in our house now! This week, it’s strawberry and mint!

  2. Really appreciated this post Andrea because I’m on a mission to drink more water but I honestly hate the stuff – flavorless chlorine filled blah. These recipes just might make me forget I’m drinking water! Thanks for sharing.

    • I am so glad Marie! Give them a try…you really need more water : ) Also…if you still aren’t convinced…put a little actual juice in it along with the other additives : ) I actual pummel my strawberries and it flavors the water really nicely! Fingers and paws crossed that you like them! Oh and if you love ginger…it really flavors things FABULOUSLY!!!! hugs and happy water drinking! : )

  3. These look amazing

  4. Robert Pyszk says:

    Thank you for posting your photo on Pinterest! You inspired me to try this and I bought a gallon of distilled water and added cucumber, lemon and orange. I love it!! It’s sitting in the cooler at work so I will have the rest tonight , well not the rest but some more and there will probably be so much more flavor. Mmmm can’t wait!

  5. cucumber citrus water is about my favorite thing to drink in the whole world….and I always forget to make it! thanks for the reminder!

  6. So glad I found your site! I already drink water with cucumber and lemon and I’m interested in trying some of your other suggestions. They look so good!

    • So happy you are going to be trying some! I am going to be putting up some fun ideas of my own this week so stay tuned : ) Sending hugs and CHEERS (toasting you with pineapple water : )

  7. I would add this recepie, great for detox: Lemon slices + 1 clove spice + 1 bay leaf


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