Recipes for Brunch

Is Brunch one of your favorite meals?  Do you especially enjoy it on Holidays and special occasions?  Well whatever the Holiday or occasion…Brunch is a heavenly thing!  We have put together a great selection of sweet and savory Brunch Recipes that are quick…easy and without a question of a doubt DELICIOUS!  Check out these great Recipes for Brunch! If you want to see a great collection of Brunch Cocktails that would be perfect for your Brunch…just click here!


This stack is almost sinful…Caramelized Coffee…need anyone say more!

He is a healthy…happy….delicious Brunch all in a casserole! This is sure to be a winner especially with those watching their calories!

Everyone at the table will be ooooooing and ahhhhhhhing when you put this beauty down to serve…can’t you just taste it now!

Alaska from Scratch...Quinoa Egg Enchilada Skillet

Alaska from ScratchQuinoa Egg Enchilada Skillet

A perfect Brunch all tucked inside a roll…serve this with a beautiful salad and you will be able to enjoy your company and a great Brunch!

If you are looking for something a little bit decadent…a taste that brings you back to your childhood…well you just found it!  Plus the kids are going to go crazy for it.  Quick…Easy…Delicious!

This is totally a taste sensation…black beans…roasted sweet potatoes…tomatoes…scallions…corn…jalapenos…seasoning and more all blended into a wonderful hash! Stuffed inside a baked potato and topped with a perfect egg!

The Cottage Market...Sunrise Stuffed Baked Potato

The Cottage MarketSunrise Stuffed Baked Potato

Any Brunch table would be honored to have a rack of these yummy delights!

Country Living...Almond Cinnamon Buns

Country LivingAlmond Cinnamon Buns

How great does this look!  This Brunch casserole can be prepared the night before…how great is that…bake and serve! Viola…the perfect Brunch!

This one is calling my name…again…this Strata can be prepared the night before.  Serve this with a nice salad and you are done.  Everyone will be raving about your Brunch experience!

Perfect individual Frittatas …can’t you just taste them now!

A nice light and tasty Spinach Cheese Bake…mmmmmm good!

Cooking Light...Spinach Cheese Bake

Cooking LightSpinach Cheese Bake

A Hearty Breakfast Taco…doesn’t this idea just SCREAM Brunch!!!  You can set up your own Brunch Taco bar…your family and friends will have a BALL!!!!

Better Homes and Gardens...Hearty Breakfast Tacos

Better Homes and GardensHearty Breakfast Tacos


Aren’t all of these Brunch Recipes Amazing.  Maybe one or two will be on your Easter Dinner Table this upcoming weekend!  So many options…so may possibilities…so many taste sensations!  Bon Appetit!




  1. Yummy!!! So many of these look sooo good!! I had to pin several for later!! Thanks so much for sharing!! Yum Yum! 🙂 Hope you have a happy pre Easter week!! xo Holly


  1. […] So you are serving Brunch!  That special meal when you get to eat fun foods and just enjoy everyone around you.  Well if you are serving the perfect food…how about the perfect Brunch Cocktails?  All of the drinks in this collection of especially conjured up to enjoy with Brunch!  They are all delicious…so very pretty and lite!  If you have a chilled bottle of champagne…some seltzer and orange juice you will always be good to go…but the cocktail recipes here kick it up a few notches.  Sue hope you find the perfect brew for you and your guests…CHEERS! Oh and if you need some amazing Brunch Recipes…just click here. […]

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