Almond Milk Recipes

First… we here at The Cottage Market have to ask you the question…have you tried Almond Milk?  If your answer is no…we swear to you it is fantastic…not kidding…not at all!  It tastes as rich and satisfying as whole milk and is HALF…I said HALF the calories of SKIM MILK!!!! It’s crazy…1 full cup of Almost Milk is 50 calories…do you know what that means to a bowl of cereal…to people that put milk in their coffee and tea…for those of us that make smoothies…the list goes on and on and on!!!  We have tried all different brands and each one was great!  Oh and the chocolate Almond Milk tastes just like Yoo hoo!  So we have put together a fabulous collection of Almond Milk Recipes.  You are going to be totally amazed with the variety in this collection. Then when you actually make these recipes your are to be floored how incredibly delicious they taste.  If you blind folded me and handed me a real glass of milk and a glass of almond milk…I wouldn’t be able to tell you which was which!  Now with that in mind…check out these recipes and dare to experiment…you will be thrilled! (This is NOT a sponsored post…that’s how much we love it!!! : )




Creamed Spinach is so decadent and delicious…this great recipe is minus the guilt!

Delicious and less calories!

Dreamy and Creamy!

Almond milk makes everything a little bit better!

The Shiksa in the Kitchen...Seven Species Muffins

The Shiksa in the KitchenSeven Species Muffins

For all of you that are lactose intolerant…Chocolate Cream Pie is back on your diet!!!

All I can say here is YUM and then YUM again!

If you are a vegan…you don’t have to feel left out any more while others have their cake and pudding too…this one is for you…you deserve it!

This one is my favorite!!!!  Once you try this…you will be making them NON STOP!


My Whole Food Life...Cinnamon Roll Overnight Oats

My Whole Food LifeCinnamon Roll Overnight Oats

The perfect way to start the day!

Smoothies with half the calories!  Now that is a GOOD THING!

Who could resist this delicious loaf of strawberry goodness!  It’s all good!

Well…are you going to try some of these incredible Almond Milk recipes?  Sure hope so…you won’t be disappointed.  For those of you that have Almond Milk as a part of your regular diet…you know what I am talking about!  It’s delicious…good for you and lacks none of the flavor…Try it…you’ll LOVE IT!  Bon Appetit!



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