Mason Jar Gift DIY: Simmering Pot DIY & Candle DIY with FREE Printable

I am so happy to be kicking off a week of Mason Jar Gift Ideas with my friends!  Each day we will be featuring a fun Mason Jar Gift DIY and then on Friday we are celebrating with a big Christmas in Jars Linky Party!   You are all invited to join!  You can link up any of your Mason Jar Gift Giving Idea DIY Projects.  A great way to share your creativity!  So keep an eye out on The Cottage MarketThe Shabby Creek Cottage on TuesdayMom 4 Real on Wednesday and The Country Chic Cottage on Thursday and then you can link up with any one of us on Friday…so stay tuned!  I am going to share a few fun Mason Jar Gift Ideas with you…sure hope you enjoy!



One of my favorite aroma’s of Winter is Hot mulled Apple Cider…the blend of the Apples…Cinnamon…Cloves…Oranges are simply delightful…


they make you feel all kind of warm and fuzzy!


There are so many wonderful Warm Winter Simmering Pot Blends you can create…my favorite so far is a combination of…


Lemons…Oranges…Cranberries…Cinnamon Sticks…Rosemary…Cloves…Limes …Apple Slices and a pinch of nutmeg!  So why not share this glorious array of  sensational scents with Family and Friends!  A picture perfect gift…add all the elements in a pretty Mason Jar…fill with water…


then add some pretty tags  (free printables are waiting for you below) with directions by stringing them with pretty ribbon and you have a beautiful Holiday smile!


You can even top the jar off with yet another special touch (free printable included).


But don’t stop there!  Who doesn’t love candles…


just by taking a small Mason Jar and filling it with your favorite Natural Elements …top them off with water and float a pretty little votive on top!


Why not tie a pretty bow around the lid…add a sweet votive candle  on top and give them to everyone you know!


There are so many different combinations…just use your imagination…there is no right or wrong…only what you love.

Here are your free printables!
Click here for the Mason Jar Tag Printables


and here for the Chalkboard Topper! that fit on 2 sizes of Mason Jars!


Here is what I used in my Blend:

Medium Jar

1 Orange Slices
1 1/2 cup of Fresh Cranberries
3 Sprigs of Fresh Rosemary
3 Cinnamon Sticks
1 Tablespoon of Fresh Cloves
1 Lemon Slice
1/2 a Lime Sliced
1/2 Apple Sliced

Add all of the items in the jar into a pot…add more water till everything is covered…now simmer and enjoy the delicious aroma throughout your home.  Now please don’t forget to check on the pot to make sure it has enough water.  It will evaporate throughout the simmering process…so just be careful…you can simmer it all day!  So great to start a pop simmering an hour or two before company comes!

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  1. Andrea, those are amazing!!! I can practically smell them from here!!! Merry Christmas my friend!

  2. These are fantastic Andrea and so beautifully presented. Love the mason jar gift and direction tags too. Lucky are those who will receive one of these during the holidays!

  3. This is a wonderful idea, Andrea! Thanks for the adorable printables!

  4. Thanks for the idea! Just curious how far in advance I can make these. How long will the fruit stay pretty in the jar?

    • Hi there! How are you : ) So glad you enjoyed these. I would suggest if you are giving them as gifts…you can make them a few days in advance…so that way they will stay longer for the person that you are gifting them too. If you do. If you want to do them earlier…just leave out the cinnamon sticks until the last minute : ) A really nice combination is lemon and rosemary…that you can do well in advance : ) You can try different herbs and citrus too… I sure hope you have fun with it! If you have any other questions…just drop me a line at Take care…hugs and have a wonderful day!

  5. Hi Andrea!

    When you say medium jar is that a pint or quart size?? Looking forward to making these;-)

    Thank you!!

    • Hi there Niki! How are you : ) The Quart Jar : ) Of course you can make some that go into the pint and the person can add more water to simmer : ) You take care now and have an amazing day! Hugs!

  6. Hi just wondering, in the simmering process.. do you put the water in the jar over all the fruit or?

    • Hi there! How are you : ) Yes…the water goes over the fruit…you can always add more water as it evaporates : ) A slow simmer is the perfect temp throughout the day : ) Here’s wishing you and yours a wonderful Holiday…Hugs…


    how long in advance can i make these simmering pots ? one week, two weeks

    • Hi there…how are you : ) You can make them a good week in advance : ) Hope you enjoy! Take care and have a wonderful day! Enjoy! Hugs…

  8. Do I add water to the jar prior to giving it as a gift? Or do I instruct them to add it?
    I thought I would try it and have everything except the citrus simmering now and it smells great! Thank you for the recipe!

    • Hi there BethAnn! How are you : ) Top it off with the water if you are adding sliced fruit…it keeps it fresh looking. If you are just adding whole fruit you can tell them too : ) I am so glad you tried it and it smells yummy : ) If I can help you in any other way…please let me know : ) Take care now…enjoy…hugs…

  9. What gorgeous pictures! I just stared at these for awhile. May not be able to wait until Christmas! Fantastic post, amazing site. Thanks!!


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