Quick and Easy Strawberry Salad Dressing in a Jar!

Our week of Summer in a Jar continues and today I have a super Quick and Easy Strawberry Salad Dressing in a Jar Recipe that I do believe you are going to love!  It’ s fresh and will wake up your salad with a big smile.  The best part is that you put all the ingredients in the jar…shake shake shake and viola!!!


So how easy is this recipe?


First thing…get yourself a jar all shiny and washed and make sure you have a lid!


Then you will need some White Balsamic Vinegar…or Cider Apple Vinegar or White Wine Vinegar…it’s all about what you love!


Now some Olive Oil …you favorite Strawberry Jam…fresh lemon juice…creamy Dijon Mustard or your favorite mustard and freshly ground S&P!


Put the jam in the jar and stir with a spoon till it is nice and smooth…then add all of the other ingredients and shake shake shake till nice an emulsified…just like this…


Prepare a simple salad like this one…Arugula…fresh strawberries…fresh orange segments…goat cheese or feta cheese and spoon this delicious dressing on it and toss!  YUM!


It’s that simple…now here is your recipe…you can double it…triple it…etc…for the amount you need!

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Quick and Easy Strawberry Salad Dressing in a Jar!
Recipe type: Salad Dressing
Cuisine: American
Prep time: 
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Serves: 6
A delicious Quick and Easy Strawberry Salad Dressing in a Jar
  • ½ cup of good Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • ¼ cup of White Balsamic Vinegar or White Wine Vinegar or Apple Cider Vinegar (your choice)
  • 1 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice
  • ¼ cup of your favorite Strawberry Jam (don't stop there...you can make ANY flavor : )
  • 1 level tablespoon of your favorite mustard such as Dijon or any good rich in flavor creamy mustard.
  • Freshly ground Salt & Pepper
  1. Take your nice clean jar and place the Strawberry Jam in there and stir till nice and smooth (this is very important)
  2. Now add all of the other ingredients into the jar
  3. Put the lid on tight
  4. Now shake shake shake till all creamy and emulsified!
  5. Viola...You are done and it is ready for that delicious Salad!
  6. ------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. Quick Strawberry Salad
  8. Fresh Arugala
  9. Slice Strawberries
  10. Orange Segments
  11. Feta or Goat cheese Crumbled
  12. Strawberry Salad Dressing
  13. Toss!!! ENJOY!

So there you have it…I wasn’t kidding…it is super Quick and Easy!  You are going to love this dressing and please experiment…I LOVE to use Apricot Jam…Raspberry Jam…Peach Jam and so on…you just can’t go wrong!  Who needs dressing in a bottle when you can have fresh in 5 minutes!  Bon Appetit!!!

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  1. is it weird that I now want a salad with that dressing for breakfast! 🙂 looks so refreshing.

  2. Looks incredible, Andrea!

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