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Hi everyone! How are you today. I am really excited because today 9 fabulous bloggers and myself will be sharing some really cool Gift Wrap Ideas for this upcoming Holiday Season! Can’t wait for for everyone to see what these incredible bloggers have come up with to inspire you! So tell the truth…have you started shopping yet? My answer…truth…no…esh!



So…I thought about how I was going to wrap everything this year (after I actually buy them) and I decided that I would come up with a simple design that I could use with all kinds of wrapping papers! I love black and white and adore polka dots…so they were going to be incorporated for sure. I also did not want to run out of things so it seemed like a very good idea to supply myself with some fun and fresh printables that I could run off any time in case I ran out. No wishing I had bought more ribbon or tags because all that has to be done is turn on the printer! So I am going to be sharing my printables with you so you can enjoy having some embellishments at your fingertips any time and since they are black and white…they are good ALL year round!

Time to Download:

Bows and Paper Printables

Tag Printables


Making the Bow

It’s a cinch…just follow the diagram…print your bows out (you will receiving 2 different ones…black with white polka dots and white with black polka dots…cut them out…put a dab of hot glue in the center and bend over the one side and attach…then repeat on the other side…wrap with the little ribbon piece and then glue the piece onto the bottom of the bow and there you have it…a bow any time!!! It’s so easy you won’t believe it.


Cutting your ribbons

Now simply print your paper and cut the strips the width you would like…if you need a longer one…just attach two or three together.



We have supplied the entire alphabet for you. There are sheets with just a set of one letter and then there are pages with an assortment of letters…you be the judge on which you need! Just cut them out and get them ready for the packages.


Now for the Fun and Fresh Part!

You now get to mix and match and change things up and make all kinds of different style packages! You will think of so many you won’t believe it! I did make a few with paper ribbons made with a punch for a bit fun…I bet you can think of a few things to add if you want…but you will have plenty to work with! One of my favorite things to do was to double things up by placing a small bow on top of the bigger bow…doesn’t look great that way!




How about adding an embellishment to the center of the bow!


A triple band of ribbon looks fun also!


Then I tried it with Kraft Paper…we always have that on hand and it looks great with it.


How about a triple bow and while you are at it…mix and match the polka dots!



Mix and match the ribbon bands…more fun! Change the widths! The sky is the limit! You are going to come up with so many different ideas! You can use all different colors for your base…perfect for birthday’s…anniversaries…just because gifts and everything in between! Sure hope you enjoyed these ideas and printables! Hope this gives you a little bit of inspiration! Now it is your time to CREATE!!!


Time to visit my friends now…they have tons of FABULOUS Ideas waiting for you!


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  1. Love, love this beautiful idea!…..You are always so very creative in everything you do. I love the combination of the gold, black and white…and the adorable polka dots. Love that you can use the gift wrap idea for any occasion by just changing out the embellishments! Thanks for the printables!

  2. Oh Shirley! You are so so sweet! I thank you for the kind words and all the work you put into this amazing project!!! I so appreciate you! Wishing you all that is good and a wonderful day! (((((HUGS)))))

  3. Absolutely gorgeous, Andrea! I love your style, lady!

  4. Oh my gosh, Andrea! I am crazy for polka dots, and this is just adorable! Thanks for making the bow design available because I may have to put some of those bows on a small tree that I’m putting in our kitchen! If I do, I will link back to you, of course! Pinning and sharing your fabulous ideas!

    • Hi there Jane! Thanks so much for dropping by! I am so happy you enjoyed the little printables…would LOVE to see your tree!!!! Just remember to use card stock or get them printed at Staples…it is really cheap and fabulous! Sending you tons of hugs and wishes for a picture perfect day!!!

  5. You have outdone yourself friend! This is AMAZING…so beautiful and generous with the free printables. Can’t wait to share with all my friends. Gorgeous!!!

  6. Andrea – we LOVE the polka dots. Your gift wrap is just adorable and the printables are fantastic! The gold, black and white are so graphic and modern! Well done!

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