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Hi there friends…you keep asking for more Hack posts and believe me…you will be getting more very soon…but we thought maybe you would like a few Dog Hacks…some helpful little tips and then some very informative infographics for your furry friends!  Sure hope you enjoy and we hope we get a 4 paws up from your pooch!





Bark Post

Pick up a shower cap for your pup or pups and let them wear it during their bath…it really helps prevent the soap and water from getting into their ears and eyes. Then when it is time to wash their little faces…just pop it off! Just make sure to put it out of reach when you are done…we don’t want any chewing going on : )



With the warm weather here…I bet your pup would love a Frozen Treat Cake while you are all hanging outside for a bit! Come and check out Gus the Pug and his cake…see how it is made (really simple..broth…water…toys and some treats all frozen together! ) There is a little video that shows us Gus attacking his little fun iceberg. This will keep your pup cool as you enjoy the outdoors and hydrated!


Practically Functional

Have you ever thought about recycling a tire? Well you just might give it a try once you see this DIY Dog Bed! Pretty amazing what a good scrubbing…some PET SAFE Paint that sticks to rubber and a soft cushy pillow can do! You can find the details on Practically Functional! Isn’t Fawkes adorable! : )


Swipe TV

Do you have a doggie that gulps? Eats so fast he/she has no idea what it was that they ate? Well have you ever tried to put a tennis ball into the Dry Food Bowl (don’t try it for wet food : ). With the ball in the bowl it should slow down your pup a bit which will be a very good thing for digestion. Give it a try…just might be the trick. There are also dishes made especially for gulpers…but this is a quick and easy way to see if it works…then if it does…it may pay to get a specialty bowl.


Dog Tutorial

Does your pup have a touch of stinky breath? You can finely chop some fresh parsley and add it to your doggies food…dry…wet or homemade! Just chop it fine enough so they can’t pick it out…mix it well and it should help. Over at Dog Tutorial you will find other methods to keep your dogs breath fresh like keeping your dog bowl and water bowl…crystal clean…having a well balanced diet and some other wonderful suggestions. If your doggie suffers from really bad breath…the best thing to do is to see the Vet to assess exactly what is happening! But Parsley is a great way to freshen it up and you can do it every day with no problems! 



This is a wonderful idea if you have the space but please beware as it was pointed out by a reader…even though the drawer closes…the container holding the dog food should have it’s own lid to protect the dog food. 


733 Blog

Here is yet another great way to store dog food…take a small metal trash can (new : ) …paint it…decorate it and voila! You can see how this one was made over at 733 Blog. You can design it any way you want and in any color to fit your home decor!


Real Simple

Do you have a bit of dog hair around the house? Well here is a quick and easy way to remove it from upholstery…simply put on a slightly dampened rubber glove and run your hand over the area…the hair will stick to the glove. Then of course clean the glove for further use : )


9 Gag

Many pups can not handle fireworks or loud noises…here is a quick and easy wrap that will make your pet feel safer. You can also use this when your pup is upset with the thunder…when they are under stress. It makes them feel much more secure and safe. There is a product called a Thunder Jacket which you might want to get if your pet is under distress a lot…but this is a great way to see if it helps.



If you visit Craftbits you will find the DIY for this fun and fabulous Pull Toy! You will need 20 pieces of 1 inch X 20 inch recycled stretch knit in assorted colors (you can use old t-shirts : )Tie a large very tight knot at each end and voila! Check out the diy and you will be done in NO TIME …there is no gluing or sewing…how great is that!



Time to Hack a Pair of Cargo Pants to make a Cooling Vest…if you can handle some sewing this is a GREAT thing to make your pup especially if they go for walks in the heat…you just slip an ice pack in those pockets and you have one cool dog! Drop by Instructables for the DIY…this is really a wonderful thing to keep your pups cool…calm and collective while taking walks in the Summer Time. Always carry some water with you on your walks…keeping the pups hydrated during the Warm Months is so important…also watch those doggie pads…you don’t want to burn them.


Yes Missy

Eileen from Yes Missy show us how simple it is to create a fun game for your doggies! Tons of FUN!!!


Dog Files

Doggy CPR is something we should all know…here you go!


A Happy Havanese

The Heimlich Maneuver is yet another one we should know because you NEVER know!


Dog Vacay

Keeping your dog cool and hydrated is even more important during the HOT months…if your dog shows any of these signs…they need help. All very important to know for your dogs better welfare.



What does that pose mean? Check out this body language graphic to see what your doggie is tell you!


BE SAFE with FOODS!!!!

PLEASE NOTE:  Mushrooms are on the moderate list on this chart…TOXIC mushrooms are poisonous to dogs and to humans.  Mushrooms that grow outside under your trees or on the paths that you walk while hiking should NEVER EVER be eaten by a dog and if your dog does eat them contact your Vet immediately and go there.  If you dog happens to eat a slice of your button mushroom or cremini…etc. there is no need for worry but I think it is best to error on the side of safety and just stay away from mushrooms.  In the end…if you see mushrooms growing in your yard…pull them up to avoid problems and never let your dog eat any on your walks.  A side note…ACORNS ARE POISONOUS TO DOGS…so if you happen to have them in your yard…please take the time to clean them up daily so your pup does not get any of them.  The results can be deadly.  One more note…Artificial Sweeteners are Toxic to Dogs.  SO NEVER FEED your doggie “sugar free” items…NEVER!




This says it all…If you see a dog in a car…SAY SOMETHING!!!  Get HELP!!!


The Cottage Market


Hope you finds these helpful!  WOOF WOOF!!  More Doggie Hacks to come!!!


As always here at The Cottage Market we would like to send out tons of APPAWS and APPLAUSE to all of our blogger friends for sharing their talents and creativity with us!  We want them to know that they are appreciated and loved.  You are going to adore exploring their blogs for more outstanding DIY’s and inspiration.  As always…ENJOY & CREATE!

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  1. The idea with the drawer with the foodcontainer, without lid, is not a good idea: kibble for doga (&cats) contain -ofcourse- fats, which will oxydise when not stored air tight,,, oxydized foods are unhealthy.

    • You are absolutely right Kitty!!!! I was thinking the same thing but automatically thought that most people would put a lid on it…but I have re-written the description to include that info! Thank you so much for your input…it is greatly appreciated! Take care and enjoy your day…hugs…

  2. Mushrooms: in one place they say dogs can have in moderation and in another say all mushrooms a deadly to dogs. Just curious, which is it?

    • Hi Monika, how are you. The mushrooms we eat from button to portobello to oyster to shitake are all fine for dogs to eat in moderation…the problem comes from TOXIC MUSHROOMS like toadstools (the red ones in yards and the forest and all other toxic mushrooms. The problem is many dogs spend a lot of time outside and encounter them…this is the PROBLEM! So the answer is yes and no…mushrooms that we eat are fine in MODERATION but toxic ones are not and they are also not for us either. I sure hope that helps. I am attaching some more info for you! You take care now and have an amazing day. Give your pups a BIG HUGS!!! I highly recommend that doggies go outside Supervised : ) Mine go no where if they are not on a leash : )

      Dogs and Cats and Mushrooms. Pets have been known to eat mushrooms in yards and while on walks. While 99% of mushrooms have little or no toxicity, the 1% that are highly toxic can cause life-threatening problems in pets.

      Mushroom poisoning occurs as a result of ingesting toxic mushrooms, which is a common hazard for dogs because of the amount of time they spend outdoors or in wooded areas, particularly in the summer and fall. Toxic mushrooms are classified into four categories (A, B, C, D), based on the clinical signs and their time of onset, and into seven groups (1-7) on the basis of the toxin they contain. However, because it is sometimes difficult to identify what type of mushroom your dog has consumed, you should always bring the suspected mushroom with you when you take your dog to the veterinarian.
      Symptoms and Types
      Symptoms vary greatly depending on the type of mushroom ingested. Category A mushrooms, for example, are the most toxic and cause the destruction of cells, especially liver and kidney cells. Category B and C mushrooms, meanwhile, affect nervous system, and category D mushrooms cause gastrointestinal irritation. The following are some of the more common symptoms associated with mushroom poisoning:
      • Vomiting
      • Diarrhea
      • Abdominal pain
      • Weakness
      • Lethargy
      • Yellowing of the skin (jaundice)
      • Uncoordinated movements
      • Excessive drooling (ptyalism)
      • Seizures
      • Coma
      Ingestion of toxic mushroom(s).
      You will need to give a thorough history of your dog’s health to your veterinarian, including the onset and nature of the symptoms, and possible incidents that might have precipitated the complications. He or she will then perform a complete physical examination as well as a complete blood count, biochemistry profile, and urinalysis — the  results of which may reveal may reveal abnormally low blood glucose levels (hypoglycemia) and abnormally high levels of liver enzymes due to liver damage. Your veterinarian will also typically take a sample from the stomach to identify the type of mushroom.

      check here for photos:

  3. Another tip to use instead of the pricey thunder jacket,
    My dogs calm down quickly when the wear snug doggy sweaters! And I must say they are quite stylish

  4. My favorite of these hacks have to be that half-wrap. What a great alternative to thunder jackets which can be very pricey! I did enjoy the rest of the hacks. Thank you!

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