Charming DIY Chair Makeovers on Makeover Monday


It's time for Make-Over Monday!  This is the day of the week that The Cottage Market takes a look at some fun an fabulous Home Decor Makeovers and today the spot light is on a collection of Charming DIY Chair Makeovers!  They are all very different in style but totally awesome in every way!  So maybe you have a Modern vibe in your home...or you … [Read more...]

Even More Home Decor Ikea Hacks!


You guessed it!!!  It is time for Knock-Off Sunday and today the collection is starring Even More Home Decor IKEA Hacks!!!  We know how you all LOVE IKEA Hacks and we will continue to feature them until there are no more out there in the blogosphere and the probability of that is about O-to NONE!  : )  Today you will find a group of simple IKEA … [Read more...]

What’s Happening This Week in DIY Home Decor


Each week we take a peek at what’s happening in the Home Decor World throughout the blogosphere…trying to bring you fresh and fabulous new DIY projects for your home!  A little taste of What’s Happening!  Sure hope you enjoy the different styles…techniques and more!  Sit back and relax for a moment and be inspired : )  Time for Some Dazzling DIY … [Read more...]

Summer Time No-Sew DIY Projects


If you are a regular reader here at The Cottage Market you will know that the words NO-SEW are simply music to my ears!  Yes...I am sewing impaired : )  So when I see fabulous No-Sew DIY Projects...I want to bring them to you just in case you are a lover of the quick ...easy and fabulous projects that can be created so simply!  Today we are … [Read more...]

What’s Cooking This Week? Vegetarian Barbecue Recipes


Hi there food lovers…welcome to the Vegetarian Barbecue Recipes Edition of What’s Cooking This Week…15 Fresh and Amazing Vegetarian Recipes! I for one love love love to see what is happening in the food world each and every day, so I thought maybe you do too.  But it is difficult to scout out so many delicious recipes that appear throughout the … [Read more...]

8 Patriotic Red, White and Blue DIY Projects


Summer Time is officially going to begin on Memorial Day...then all of the Summer celebrations...picnics...parties...graduations...barbecues and every other event in between shall begin! We start with Memorial Day...then of course there is Fourth of July and then there is Labor's totally non I thought that you would love a little … [Read more...]

100 Summer Time Mason Jar DIY Projects


Summer Time is almost here and the best way to celebrate is with some Fun and Fabulous Summer Time Mason Jar DIY Projects!!! My friends and I just got through a week of creating Summer Time Mason Jar DIY Projects for you and now you can see them all in one place for your viewing pleasure! From Iced Gardener's … [Read more...]

A Morning Cup of Joe DIY Projects, Recipes & More! Features & Linky Party


Welcome Friends to another episode of A Morning Cup of Joe!  Can’t wait to see all of your DIY Projects …check out your Recipes and all the other creations this week at our Linky Party and we hope you enjoy our Spotlight Features!   So come on in…drop some links…enjoy the features and visit some of your other friends! Hope you have a wonderful … [Read more...]

Summer Time DIY Table Runners


Summer Time is a time for outdoor parties...barbecues and tons of I put together a fun little collection of Summer Time DIY Table Runners.  It's really cool and amazing how something so simple can liven up a table and the whole mood of the party decor!  You will enjoy these and very easy table runners!  Let's see...there … [Read more...]

Fabulous Pet Furniture DIY Projects


Looking to step up your game when it comes to pet furniture?  Maybe a fabulous and cushy new pet bed?  Or a pet bed styled so perfectly you just might want to take a nap in it?  How about an elevated feeding station of your pups or your kitties?  Or maybe you would like to find a great piece of furniture and upcycle it into a perfect pet bed?  Oh … [Read more...]

3 Terrific Table Top Fire Pit DIY Projects


I know that we have done a collection of Fire Pit DIY Projects but we thought that it would be nice to add these 3 Terrific Table Top Fire Pit DIY Projects to the mix...just in case you don't have the room or need for a big fire pit...these table top versions would be picture perfect for you and your families needs!  Three tutorials that are spot … [Read more...]

7 Pet Apps you really need


When you are a pet owner...the best thing you can do for your pet is to be prepared in all circumstances.  Since we all seem to have our phone close to us at all time...what better place to have important and concise information.  So check out these 7 Pet Aaps that might just save your animals life and then there are some that just make things … [Read more...]

Magical Makeover DIY Rooms and Home Accessories


You know what day it is?  It is Makeover Monday and today we have a great collection of Magical Makeover DIY Rooms and Home Accessories for you to check out!  From an incredible card catalog a complete and wonderful aqua kitchen an elegant little lampshade that found it's new style by trying on a beautiful little cardigan … [Read more...]

More Amazing IKEA Hacks


You know what time it is?  It is the time that all of The Cottage Market Readers love the most...well at least that is what the numbers's time for MORE Amazing IKEA Hacks!  These will NOT disappoint at all...believe me they are fabulous!  From a reclaimed wood dresser to a library card catalog inspired side table to some small side tables … [Read more...]

What’s Happening this Week in Dazzling DIY Home Decor Accessories!


Each week we take a peek at what's happening in the Home Decor World throughout the blogosphere...trying to bring you fresh and fabulous new DIY projects for your home!  A little taste of What's Happening!  Sure hope you enjoy the different styles...techniques and more!  Sit back and relax for a moment and be inspired : )  Time for Some Dazzling … [Read more...]