Fabulous DIY Furniture Projects


Sometimes you just can't find that perfect piece of furniture when you are shopping.  No matter how hard you look nothing seems to strike you.  You might have something in your mind but you just can't locate it.  Well when that happens...sometimes the answer is DIY!!!  So today we have a cool collection of Fabulous DIY Furniture Projects that I … [Read more...]

Quick and Easy Summer Centerpieces


A pretty table always seems to be a bit more special when there is a fabulous centerpiece and during the Summer Time there is a plethora of flowers just about everywhere!  They are in the grocery store...roadside...at The Farmer's Market and let's not forget our gardens.  So today's collection is all about Quick and Easy Summer Centerpieces.  All … [Read more...]

Home Decor DIY Projects Under Ten Dollars


Are you like me...sometimes I feel like doing a quick DIY that would add a touch of character or pizzaz to a room but I don't want to spend a lot...does that happen to you?  Well if it does...I have the answer...check out today's collection of Home Decor DIY Projects UNDER Ten Dollars...that's right...UNDER $10.  You might be saying...what is that … [Read more...]

Refreshing a Kitchen Space and a $200 GIVE AWAY


Some times there is a little space in your home that is in need of a little pick me up and that is exactly what my little "kitchen station" needed.  It's a versatile space that can easily be converted into a coffee bar, hot chocolate bar, a little buffet and an array of other special hats it wants to wear.  Mostly though, it is a space that we use … [Read more...]

Amazing Home Decor Makeover DIY Projects


Welcome to another Marvelous Makeover Monday!!!!  Today we have an eclectic collection of Amazing Home Decor Makeover DIY Projects that range from a Stenciled Faux Exposed Brick Wall DIY to a complete room makeover that is filled with ideas and DIY's that you will love!  There are furniture makeovers...painted makeovers and more.  Something for … [Read more...]

IKEA Hacks /// 6 Inspiring Billy Bookcases


Today we have a great collection of 6 Inspiring Billy Bookcase IKEA Hacks!  As you know every Sunday we take a peek at some cool knock-offs or IKEA Hacks and let me tell you...today's collection is not going to disappoint!  I am totally amazed on how this group of talented bloggers took a simple unassuming bookcase and turned it into something so … [Read more...]

Links I Love /// Home Decor DIY Projects +


I am sure you are all like me and are a bit addicted to Pinterest and Blog Browsing...so I thought that I would share with you a a series called Links I Love!  I am just going show you some things that have totally caught my eye and maybe they will catch yours too!  I would love to make all of these ...really!  Check them out and hopefully you just … [Read more...]

More Fabulous Concrete DIY Projects


Today's collection of More Fabulous Concrete DIY Projects makes me smile.  I just love the whole process and how such a common place ingredient can transform itself into a creation that you would love to have in your home or garden.  When we thought of concrete or cement in the past it was basically for floors...foundations...patios and things that … [Read more...]

15 Vegetarian Breakfast Recipes /// What’s Cooking


It's the most important meal of the day and one that so many of us kind of fluff off...make light of? Are you one of those...then you are going to love these 16 Vegetarian Breakfast Recipes (all recipes included : ) and if you are one of those fabulous people that eat your breakfast each and every day...I commend you and you are going to love the … [Read more...]

Fabulous DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas


It doesn't matter what time of year it is...we are always looking for some new and fun ways to wrap presents!  It could be for a graduation...birthday...wedding...anniversary...just because and everything in between!  So we thought that we would coral a few fun...quick and easy DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas for you.  There is something for everyone and … [Read more...]

A Morning Cup of Joe DIY Projects, Recipes & More! Features & Linky Party


Welcome Friends to another episode of A Morning Cup of Joe!  Can’t wait to see all of your DIY Projects …check out your Recipes and all the other creations this week at our Linky Party and we hope you enjoy our Spotlight Features!   So come on in…drop some links…enjoy the features and visit some of your other friends! Hope you have a wonderful … [Read more...]

More Fabulous DIY Farmhouse Home Decor Accessories


It's time for MORE Fabulous DIY Farmhouse Home Decor Accessories.  Seems as though everyone that drops by The Cottage Market adores just about anything Farmhouse related.  So we have put together yet another collection that we think you will totally enjoy!  From a Farmhouse Industrial Style Organization Center...to a Modern Style Farmhouse Vase to … [Read more...]

Dreamy Driftwood DIY Projects


Well is is always Summer somewhere in the world and it just happens to be Summer here in the US right now...so why not celebrate with a collection of Dreamy Driftwood DIY Projects.  There are so many ways of using this worn wood that has such an incredible personality!  You can use it to make fabulous shelving...unique home accessory pieces like a … [Read more...]

Color Palette of Cinque-Terre Italy


Welcome to the Monthly Palette.  Each month I am going to share either a beautiful gourmet meal...an international treat or maybe something picked directly from nature and create a palette directly from the photo for inner inspiration!  Hope you enjoy today's palette that comes from the absolutely breath taking Color Palette of Cinque-Terre Italy.  … [Read more...]

DIY Home Accessories made from Upcycled Jeans


Here's a fun topic to assemble a collection of DIY Home Decor Accessories on...Upcycled Jeans!  You never really think of them when it comes to home decor...but there are some really cool DIY creations made from those old denim jeans and we are going to share some that we think would be great for your home!  My personal favorite is a fabulous … [Read more...]