Slow Cooker Potato Cheddar Soup

The chilly weather is here, and everyone loves to warm up to a great bowl of soup!  This soup is not only warm and is thick...creamy and comforting.  The best thing is is that it is oh so easy!  A little bit of dicing and slicing...then place in the slow cooker and you are on your way to a scrumptious soup the whole family will … [Read more...]

Super Simple Strawberry Shortcakes

Strawberry Shortcake is one of the most popular desserts around but sometimes you just don't have a lot of time to make one.  Well I think I can help you out with that problem and the best thing about this recipe is that you can make as many or as few as you want!  So come and get the scoop on these Super Simple Strawberry … [Read more...]

Skinny Blueberry Smoothie Shooters

Sometimes you are in the mood for something light and refreshing!  Well this Skinny Blueberry Smoothie Shooter Recipe is perfect for you!  It is low cal...low in fat...healthy and oh so yummy and satisfying.  You can whip up this recipe for 4 shooters or a full size smoothie in a snap! Best thing...there is NO GUILT! Don't you love it when … [Read more...]

Old Fashion Potato Salad with a Healthy Twist

What says Summer better than a picnic or barbecue?  Old Fashion Potato know...the kind that Grandma use to make!  Well that is exactly what we have for you today...only this one has a little bit extra...a healthy twist! I so loved potato salad when I was a kid and when I had my own family of course I made that delicious blend my Mom … [Read more...]

S’mores in a Mason Jar

Oooooooey...gooooooooey and delicious!  Can't you just taste that melted chocolate with goooooooey marshmallow cream all on top of a scrumptious graham cracker crust. I think you are going to put this S'mores in a Mason Jar Dessert into your recipe file and use it often! S'mores are a childhood favorite of mine but things have changed since … [Read more...]

Salted Caramel Apple Pie Sundae

Salted Caramel Apple Pie Sundae...sound good?  It is yummy and very easy to create!  The best thing is you can make all of the elements ahead of time and just make sure there is some creamy vanilla or maybe rum raisin ice cream in the freezer waiting to be scooped up.  It's great for a holiday dessert and it is perfect for those … [Read more...]

35 Slow Cooker Dessert Recipes Crock Pot Dessert Recipes

Are you looking for some new desserts!  Even better are you looking for some desserts that take care of themselves and are ready when you want them to be?  Well you came to the right place today because we are serving up some FABULOUS Slow Cooker...aka... Crockpot desserts today.  I highly recommend you save this post for the … [Read more...]

Creamy Roasted Garlic Butter EASY recipe

You are going to want to have this Creamy Roasted Garlic Butter ready and waiting in your family fridge from now on...really! It's a snap to make! The recipe is fabulous for garlic bread ... panini's ... veggies ... pasta ... soups and so much more. Time to whip up some scrumptious garlicky goodness. The secret to this creamy butter is ROASTED … [Read more...]

Nutella S’Mores

Nutella S'Mores are on the menu today at The Cottage Market and may I add...this is my easiest recipe EVER in the history of recipes! I knew I would get your attention with the simple mention of Nutella!   I have no idea why these were never created in my kitchen before.  It's a natural!  When I discovered these amazing Butter Belgium Waffle … [Read more...]

Nutella Spread …It’s a Cinch

How about a yummy Nutella Spread for Breakfast ...snack or dessert!!!!  Spread it and enjoy this super easy Nutella Recipe!  It's a Cinch!       Nutella Spread... (I have called this incredibly delicious hazelnut spread the 8th wonder of the world because it is so amazing) but sometimes it is a bit to sweet for … [Read more...]