What’s Cooking /// 25 SMOOTHIE BOWLS

Today's What's Cooking is all about the Smoothie Bowl!  It's a trending Breakfast...but I think it is a great meal any time of day!  Wait until you see the combinations of healthy goodness that these bowls have to offer you.  What I really love is that it takes a little bit more time to eat and you appreciate all of the amazing fresh flavors just a … [Read more...]

115 Pancake Recipes

Everyone LOVES Pancakes!!!!! So I knew all of my readers would LOVE having 115 Pancake recipes at a glance!!!  One Hundred & Fifteen Scrumptious...Yummy...PANCAKES!!!! What a variety...there are pancakes with fruit...some savory... a touch of Vegan and Gluten free...chocolate chip pancakes...German chocolate cake pancakes... and so much more.  … [Read more...]

35 Slow Cooker Dessert Recipes Crock Pot Dessert Recipes

Are you looking for some new desserts!  Even better are you looking for some desserts that take care of themselves and are ready when you want them to be?  Well you came to the right place today because we are serving up some FABULOUS Slow Cooker...aka... Crockpot desserts today.  I highly recommend you save this post for the … [Read more...]

What’s Cookin

Good Morning my friends!  Are you hungry? Well I highly suggest that you eat something before your read the contents below : ) or sever hunger pains may be induced!  I am just totally amazed sometimes how many recipes are out there...how many little touches that make a regular dish spectacular...I applaud all of these incredible cooks/chefs for … [Read more...]