Homemade Buttermilk Pancakes with Whipped Butter


Have you heard?  Today is National Pancake Day!!!  Can't let that day slip by without a tasty nod to a Breakfast staple!  I thought about all the fancy pancakes that I could make but in the end I thought it would be a great idea to share my Family Recipe for Homemade Buttermilk Pancakes and then as a bonus...we will whip up some yummy butter that … [Read more...]

Harry Potter’s Homemade Butterbeer Float


Well today is Day Five of Halloween in a Jar...the final project for this series and my friends have some really cool ones too so make sure to drop by and visit!  Today we have my version of that ever so popular yummy...delicious...magical drink...Harry Potter's Butterbeer...you are going to find my version being a Butterbeer Float with homemade … [Read more...]

Graveyard Dirt Pudding with Free Printables


Here is a treat that everyone will love during the Halloween Season...it is for kids from 1-150!  It tastes great and looks fabulous!  I am sure hoping that you will give this Graveyard Dirt Pudding Treat a try!  The recipe is super simple and we are giving you the printables you need to bring this dessert alive or dead whichever way you want to … [Read more...]

Homemade Ecto Cooler


We are in Day Two of our Halloween In a Jar Week and today we have a little blast from the past...ECTO Cooler!  You remember that slime green tasty brew that came in a can and juice box in the 90's...the stuff great Ghostbusters were made of!  Well it isn't being made any more but you can make it for your next Halloween Party ...you can choose the … [Read more...]

Candy Corn Cupcakes in a Jar


I am so excited...you know what I get to do this entire week?  I get to share fun and fabulous Halloween in a Jar Projects and Recipes with you and what makes it sweeter...I am celebrating with a group of some of my dear Blogger Friends...so you will be getting FIVE original creations each day...how cool is that!  So look for the Jar Posts each … [Read more...]

Homemade Tater Tots


Do you have a food that is your guilty pleasure?  Well one of my food guilty pleasures is Tater Tots!  Yep...those little frozen chopped up potatoes that fry up crispy brown!  Now I love to cook but I always said...there is no sense making your own Tater Tots...they are perfect the way they are...well they are...but guess what?  These super EASY … [Read more...]

What’s Cooking /// 50 Vegetarian Sandwiches


Today on What's Cooking we are featuring 50 Fabulous Vegetarian Sandwiches and each and every one of them is scrumptiously delicious!  Who said being a Vegetarian is boring...no way!  These Sandwiches are also great for those of you that are looking to cut down a bit on your meat intake also.  They are filled with tons of flavor...texture...taste … [Read more...]

Vegetarian Lunches /// What’s Cooking


Today we have a great selection of 16 Vegetarian Lunches that are scrumptious...easy to prepare and just plain gorgeous!  From yummy sandwiches...to sensational salads...there is something here for everyone's...trust me...they will all make your taste buds dance!  You don't have to be a Vegetarian to enjoy these culinary treats!  Check out the menu … [Read more...]

Vegetarian One Pot Wonders /// What’s Cooking


I am sure that you know that there are tons and tons of Vegetarian One Pot Wonders out there...you know...a meal in a pot...quick...easy and delicious!  Well there are tons of Vegetarian Pone Pot Wonders too and that's what it is all about today in this episode of What's Cooking!  You will find some of the most fabulous cooks here today and they … [Read more...]

15 Vegetarian Breakfast Recipes /// What’s Cooking


It's the most important meal of the day and one that so many of us kind of fluff off...make light of? Are you one of those...then you are going to love these 16 Vegetarian Breakfast Recipes (all recipes included : ) and if you are one of those fabulous people that eat your breakfast each and every day...I commend you and you are going to love the … [Read more...]

Vegan Ice Cream Recipes No-Dairy Ice Cream


If you happen to be Vegan or you might be Dairy Intolerant...there is no need to deprive yourself of rich...creamy Ice Cream!  With the huge variety of non-dairy milks out there it's easy!  So sit down...relax a bit and check out these YUMMY blends of creamy...dreamy...smooth Vegan Ice Cream Delights!     Will Frolic for Food … [Read more...]

21 No-Churn Ice Cream Recipes that are Quick Easy & Yummy


If there is one food that makes just about everyone throughout the entire world smile has to be ICE CREAM!!! No matter if it is soft serve...hard ice cream...Gelato...or any other creamy concoction! It's all good...better than good it's FABULOUS! If you are like me...you love all kinds of flavors and are always thinking up another crazy mixture … [Read more...]

Vegetarian Disco Fries


Did you know that today is National French Fry Day!!!  Well it is and to celebrate this most fabulous occasion...I decided to share my recipe for Vegetarian Disco Fries!  Many of you might be scratching your head saying what are Disco Fries?  Well if you are not a native of NJ and the NY area you might not have heard of them...but they are so … [Read more...]

What’s Cooking /// 25 SMOOTHIE BOWLS


Today's What's Cooking is all about the Smoothie Bowl!  It's a trending Breakfast...but I think it is a great meal any time of day!  Wait until you see the combinations of healthy goodness that these bowls have to offer you.  What I really love is that it takes a little bit more time to eat and you appreciate all of the amazing fresh flavors just a … [Read more...]

What’s Cooking? /// Quick and Easy Vegetarian Meals


Hi everyone!  Welcome to another edition of What's Cooking!  Today it is all about Quick and Easy Vegetarian Meals.  We all have busy schedules and need some recipes for delicious but quick meals to serve our families!  The cool thing about this collection is that 90 percent of the recipes are all brand new...freshly picked from the best food … [Read more...]