Mason Jar Apple Pie Milkshake

Fall in a Jar Week Continues with a delicious Mason Jar Apple Pie Milkshake.  What says FALL better than an Apple Pie...well an Apple Pie Milkshake of course!  It's the best of all worlds, Apple Pie swirled with creamy dreamy ice cream, topped with homemade whipped cream, garnished with caramel drizzle and pie crust.  … [Read more...]

Frozen Strawberry and Banana Smoothie Dog Treats

It's National Dog Day and we are celebrating with some Frozen Strawberry and Banana Smoothie Dog Treats that will make your pup/pups oh so Happy!  Tails will be a waggin when you pop these out of the freezer for a cool and refreshing treat.  They are perfect in the Summer but the doggies can enjoy them all year round.  They are good and good for … [Read more...]

Quick and Easy Whipped Cream Hack

So excited about this...we know how much our readers LOVE our hack collections (don't worry...we will still be doing them) but to make it sweeter we are going to be bringing you a Hack of the Week Video on Fridays!  Today will be our first one... Quick and Easy Whipped Cream Hack.  Sure hope you enjoy and keep your eyes peeled for yet another Big … [Read more...]

2 Dozen Scrumptious Vegetarian Noodle Bowls

It doesn't matter if you are a Vegetarian or are going to FLIP for these SCRUMPTIOUS Vegetarian Noodle Bowls.  Each one is filled with so much flavor...texture and love!  You are truly not going to know which one to start with. They are and satisfying!!!  Perfect any day of the week and fabulous for Meatless Monday.  Every … [Read more...]

Miso Veggie Soup in a Mason Jar /// Recipe Video Included!

It's time for a super quick and easy Miso Veggie Soup in a Mason Jar!  Totally Vegetarian of course and can be made 3 days in advance if you wish!  It's filled with all kinds of fresh veggies...noodles...tofu and a delicious blend of Miso, Sriracha, and more.  Great for a hot lunch at work or home and fabulous to have all ready for dinner...just … [Read more...]

Crazy Awesome Root Beer Float Recipes

Today, August 6th is National Root Beer Float Day!!!!  So I thought it called for some Crazy Awesome Root Beer Float Recipes and here is your YUMMY Collection!  It is not just Floats you are going to be seeing....there is a fab Root Beer Float Ice Cream Recipe...oh and they there is a simply dreamy and creamy Root Beer Float PIE...Little Root Beer … [Read more...]

Quick and Easy Omelette in a Mug

I have some fun news for you today.  We are starting a new little Video Series on Quick and Easy Vegetarian Food and Desserts!  On Mondays (the perfect day since everyone is always looking for some new recipes for Meatless Monday) we will be sharing a fun recipe and video which we hope you enjoy!  Heads-up...we will also be featuring a delicious … [Read more...]

Portobello Mushroom Recipes Perfect for your Barbecue

I have to be honest with you all...I try to put together really yummy Vegetarian Recipe Collections for everyone that loves them and has Vegetarianism as a way of life...but I also like to put them together to help Non-Veggies some help to come up with fun things to serve their Vegetarian Friends.  With Summer in full bloom and Barbecues...Pool … [Read more...]

2 Dozen Delicious Donut Recipes

It's NATIONAL DONUT DAY...but if you are reading this on another is ALWAYS time for a Delicious Donut!!!!!  The best way to celebrate is with 2 Dozen Delicious Donut Recipes...that way you can make the donut of your dreams and ENJOY with family and friends!  There are all kinds of flavor explosions waiting for you...which one will you … [Read more...]

25 Vegetarian Pasta Salads /// Perfect for Outdoor Fun!

Well my friends...the Summer is right around the corner...Memorial Day in a week away and all those Summer Barbecue...Parties...Graduations...Weddings...Anniversaries...Birthdays...Picnics are about to begin!  Sometimes when you are invited you just don't know what to bring...well here are over 30 Pasta Salads that your friends and family will flip … [Read more...]

Healthy Recipes that will make you say YUM!

Hi there everyone!  Today we have a delicious collect of Healthy Recipes that are going to make you say YUM!   They are all fresh...light...healthy and after eating them you feel you did something special for yourself.  So if you want to start eating a bit healthier...anyone of these culinary creations is a good place to start.  … [Read more...]

AMAZING No Bake Cookies and Bars

When you hear No Bake Cookies and Bars you probably think easy right?  Well you would be correct...all of these recipes are quick..easy but most importantly DELICIOUS!!!!  They are perfect any time...but especially helpful when you are looking for a yummy snack and when you are in a hurry and need a plate of cookies for guests or  for dessert.  … [Read more...]

Party Time Food Bars

I LOVE all of these ideas for Party Time Food Bars!  It doesn't matter if you are celebrating on New Years Eve or if you are having a Family Brunch...there is something here for every occasion and for everyone!  What I LOVE LOVE LOVE about all of these is that you do 90 percent of your preparation before time and that means you get to ENJOY the … [Read more...]

Movie Night Brittle with Free Printable Tags (Gift in a Jar)

Well today is the last day of the Gifts in a Jar Extravaganza and we are celebrating the release of STAR WARS today with a quick and easy recipe for Movie Night Brittle with Free Printable Tags!  You won't believe how simple this recipe is and how yummy!  The perfect snack while watching a movie home or in the theater!  It's an everything in one … [Read more...]

Homemade Marinara Sauce with Free Printable Labels (gifts in jars)

Well my friends...the week of Gifts in Jars continues here at The Cottage Market with a delicious and yummy Homemade Marinara Sauce!  Who doesn't love a rich and scrumptious Marinara the perfect food!  You can make a quick and easy pasta dish or an intense and elaborate can use it as a dipping sauce or layer it on your … [Read more...]