Frozen Strawberry and Banana Smoothie Dog Treats
Cuisine: Canine Delights
Author: Andrea Cammarata
Prep time: 10 mins
Total time: 10 mins
A delicious frozen treat for your dogs. A delightful human grade treat that will make them roll-over.
  • 2 cups of Sliced Strawberries or a 16 ounce bag of Frozen Strawberries
  • 1½ cups Plain Greek Low Fat Yogurt
  • 1 sliced banana (if you have two...use them both)
  • ¼ cup of Skim Milk
  • 3 tablespoons of Honey
  1. Place all the ingredients in your blender
  2. Turn on the blender to a medium speed
  3. Blend for approximately 2 minutes
  4. Pour into the molds of your choice or use ice cube trays
  5. Freeze for 4 hours or more
  6. Pop out of the molds
  7. Ready to ENJOY!
  8. To store: Use Zip Lock Bags for a tight seal or use some sort of Tupperware, Rubber Maid or any tight sealing container. Sealed and Stored properly these will keep in the freezer for 2 months but they will never last that long because your pups will have them gone in no time.
  9. Please note: You can use other fruits instead of Strawberries like Watermelon, Blueberries, Mango, Pumpkin (NEVER EVER GRAPES) and any other Dog Safe Fruit or Veggie. Banana's add a creaminess that no other fruit can offer. You can even add some Peanut Butter. Tailor them to your dogs tastes but I guarantee they will love this blend for sure. They are the Pawfect Treat!
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