Nutella Spread …It’s a Cinch

How about a yummy Nutella Spread for Breakfast …snack or dessert!!!!  Spread it and enjoy this super easy Nutella Recipe!  It’s a Cinch!

Nutella Spread…

(I have called this incredibly delicious hazelnut spread the 8th wonder of the world because it is so amazing) but sometimes it is a bit to sweet for those morning hours.  So here is a recipe that works perfectly for a morning spread for your bagels…croissants…toast and more…It’s a Cinch!
1 8 ounce package of the cream cheese of your choice
2 – 3 heaping tablespoons of Nutella
1 – 2 tablespoons of Confectioners Sugar
(you do not have to add the sugar if you do not want it to have a touch of sweet)
a tiny pinch of salt 
Then some toasted hazelnuts or grated chocolate are great for a little topping!
Simply put the ingredients into your food processor and blend till creamy and viola…DONE!!!! Spoon into a pretty dish…garnish and serve…your family will love it…perfect for company and for that midnight snack (you know you are guilty sometimes : )
it is so creamy…it spreads like a dream!
A few other suggestions…
instead of Nutella…add a tablespoon or two of your favorite preserves…Strawberry and Blueberry are my favorites!  No need to purchase those expensive spreads…make your own in a flash…and you know what’s in it! Your the artist and the cream cheese is your palette…remember to start with the least amount…you can always add but can’t subtract!  
Another fun things to do is make icing from this basic recipe…use your mixer…double the recipe and add 2 cups of confectioners sugar…YUM!!!
bottom line…
It’s a Cinch!




  1. This looks so yummy. (And so does the croissant!) I pinned this and can’t wait to try it. (Stopping by from Girl Creative.)

  2. Oh yummy!

  3. I like this idea a lot. The cream cheese mixed with the Nutella probably makes it taste like a chocolate cheesecake.

  4. It looks so yummy!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  5. All I can say is YUM also Andrea..Pinning this one..

  6. Thanks for linking to Take-A-Look Tuesday – you were featured today!!

  7. Oooh! Well, that’s my birthday breakfast! I wonder how it would be if the frosting recipe was piled up in a piecrust? Too rich? Some brave person should experiment with this..

  8. Okay Andrea, I know the post was about the spread, but the crossaint has my mouth watering. I could eat my weight in those. Spread looks good too. I’m going to have to try this Nutella stuff, everyone is always talking about it.

  9. I love nutella too. This looks like a really fun way to jazz it up.:)

  10. Mmmm…my girls’ favorite breakfast is Nutella on croissant. I love the idea of rounding it out with cream cheese. I have a hunch it’d become a favorite of mine as well this way!

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