25 Memorial Day Ideas

Well my friends…Memorial Day is right around the corner and I thought that you might like some quick and easy ideas to make the festivities even more special!¬† So here is our collection of 25 Memorial Day Ideas along with a free printable!
So let’s get those flags a waving and have a peek at some fun decorations…foods…crafts and more!
Oh…before we start…here’s a little gift so you can add some of the Red White and Blue to your celebration in a snap…
Just print these out…fold in half ….add a dab of glue and slide on your straws…who wouldn’t love a little straw flag on this special weekend!

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Now let’s take a peek at some really cool ideas!


Here’s a really simple but fun idea…take out those jimmies or sprinkles and roll your ice cream cones in them and viola…the perfect Memorial Day treat (check out the home made stand it is on..cool!)¬† Thank you…an ALL YOU creation.


All You gives us some more ideas here…have your friends make their pretty cones with a little ice cream bar on ice…supply the sprinkles…ice cream and cones and let everyone have fun.¬† Notice the fabulous jar of lemonade, the ant on the cookies (so cute) and the fun simple bunting. They also use cut out stars on a simple check table cloth…what a great way to bring it all together and with items you probably all ready have in the house!


All You had so many fabulous ideas I had to show you a few more…notice…they take simple red bandanas which can be found in Michaels or many craft store and created a table runner (so clever)…then…


created a pocket for silverware with a blue bandana and an accent of twine and simple star threaded through…so easy but tons of fun!…then…


the final touch on the table…just take your mason jars…line them with lemons…add water…daisies or your favorite flower and there you have it…an outstanding and very interesting and beautiful display!¬† Thank you All You for your ideas and creativity!


The pages of Better Homes and Gardens has some cool ideas for decorations…I love this one…just taking a simple container…filling it up with some grass…add baseballs (nothing says Americana like BASEBALL) add a few flags and there you have it!¬† SOOOOO clever and I think very impressive!!!


BH&G has some other great ideas to spruce up your front porch with that patriotic flair…a little bit of red white and blue goes a long way…just check it out…right down to the adorable pup with a red and white color…everyone is getting into the spirit of Old Glory!


Here’s a brilliant idea from Social Couture
It’s a useful decoration and a favor!


Social Couture also shares this really unique idea…don’t you just love it…it would be great for a “school” party too!¬† Apple Garland.


I think the kids would love to make and fill these cute craft projects from the pages of Martha Stewart


Martha says…lace some crepe paper through those spokes…add so streamers…flags and stars and you are ready for the parade!!!




What child or grown-up wouldn’t love this as a favor…get the kids to help you put them together…they will love it…How cute are these…get the how to !


¬†One more from Martha…these adorable lanterns…the children are going to adore making these and you can do this for so many different holidays with the change of color and decoration…save it…it is so easy everyone will have fun!


Here’s another great project for the kids…one that you can use for Memorial Day and the Upcoming 4th of July!¬† A clever craft and a great way to recycle those toilet paper rolls!¬† Check out the how to on DLTK!15.

Who would not want to drink some yummy lemonade from these adorable jars…it is so easy your head will spin…Let Jess at
Two Shades of Pink
show you how!


I am really embarrassed…I can not find the link to this idea that I saw…as soon as I find it it will be added but I had to share it any way because I think it is BRILLIANT…I mean taking a dollar paper lantern and turning it into a festive vase and then you can collapse it and use it again next year is FABULOUS…don’t you agree!


Here’s another quick and easy decoration…get the how to at
Love to Kraft 


mmmmm…good!¬† These strawberries are sure in the SPIRIT aren’t them…get the details over at

   While you are visiting Bright Bold and Beautiful
check out this adorable idea for chips!
¬†Now these are so adorable and my favorite fruit (blueberries) look even more scrumptious than ever! LOVE LOVE this idea…check it out on
The celebration wouldn’t be complete without Watermelon : )¬† Isn’t this Ice Cream Treat from Martha FABULOUS¬†

Love it!


You dessert table will glow with this incredible Patriotic Trifle from… my blessed life


Had to show you this glorious trifle also…from gina at
skinny taste
isn’t it GLORIOUS!!!


Living Locurt shares this EZ PZ fun idea…again…a few jimmies or sprinkles dress up a simple ice cream sandwich straight from the wrapper…but of course…if you choose to make your own…that would be awesome!


Our final Memorial Day item today is this AMAZING candy bar…a creation from
cherry tea cakes




Well I hope you had fun with this post and my real wish is that you found some things you would like to try!¬† One thins I want for you all is to have fun!¬† CREATE!!! Take the ideas and put your own spin on them…get the kids involved…get everyone involved!!!

to all!

Not sure about tomorrow’s post…I will come up with something but it is still raining cats and dogs here and the sky is a lovely shade of slate gray…so I don’t think any pictures will be happening : )





  1. WOW….I mean WOW….what a collection of ideas!Maybe I should have a Memorial day party!
    Thanks Andrea!

  2. Thank you for this amazing list! I pinned this!

  3. GREAT post Andrea.
    Thank you for the printable!

  4. First of all, thank you for the adorable printable! I would love to sit on that front porch (BHG), while sipping fresh lemonade and watching a parade full of colorfully decorated bicycles, marching bands and floats. Ahhh…I love the sweet summertime.

    Thank you for sharing so many beautiful images and ideas.


  5. What a fabulous collection of ideas. Memorial Day has snuck up on me as well. I may have to save a few of these ideas for the 4th of July!

  6. What a fabulous collection of ideas. Memorial Day has snuck up on me as well. I may have to save a few of these ideas for the 4th of July!

  7. Oh, such great ideas!! I love the lemons in the jars with pretty flowers!! Have a great day! xo Heather

  8. Great ideas…I want to make those candy bars…thank you so much for these amazing ideas. I an Canadian but can soooo make these treats white and red! xoxoxo Hugs

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