25 Fabulous DIY Pet Bed ideas!

Morning all!  I was scratching my head wondering what to post today…wanted to do something a little different but fun…so I wasn’t scratching alone…little Pops was also so the idea of pet beds came to mind…even though mine kind of make anything they would like their beds : )  Hope you enjoy this furbaby bed fashion show…many of them come with the DIY!!!  Have a howling good time! Be sure to check out Pet Beds Part 2!

25 Fabulous Pet Beds

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Check out these 25 Fabulous Pet Beds!

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Pops and Basil Approved!
 Sleep tight my furry friends!  Make sure to show your family members this post…who knows…they just might make you one of these!!!! : )


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25 Fabulous DIY Pet Bed Ideas…part 2

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  1. 4 poster bed for a pussy cat …..LOVE IT !
    My 2 feline girls would adore this very elegant little bed.
    Thanks so much for sharing this post Andrea, you just put a smile on my face. xo

  2. Those are too cute!!! I love them!! We built a cabinet with an opening in the bottom for the dog….he wouldn’t use it! the dog is gone but we miss him so we put a subwoofer there…..LOL
    Blessings, Lorraine

  3. So many good and cute functional ideas!!! 🙂 Your “long dogs” are way too cute 🙂 Love thier names! HUGS~ for them!! xo Holly

  4. All so clever. My fav was #8, using an in-tack sweater stuffed, and linking the arms together to form a “bumper”. This could be a great way to “share your scent” with a canine friend left alone during the day … use a sweater you no longer need and I’ve read that even washed, our clothes still hold our “scent” for our friends with highly calibrated scent ability! Beaver reminds me by the way, that our entire House is his dog bed … we have sheepskin rugs laying about on the furniture as just in case protection 🙂 Even though this is true he still has a true dog bed next to our bed (which he uses ) and a dog bed in his “den” that he really enjoys.

  5. Oh my gosh, people are just crazy clever! Fun post, Andrea! I think we’re sticking with the floor and her blanky! 🙂

  6. Such a fun post Andrea!! I need a new bed for Abby, so this was great fun inspiration!! ♥ Michelle

  7. Dear sweet Andrea,
    You’ve done it again!!! Another incredible post…Awwww! I love each little pet perch and, of course, all those adorable puppies! I, especially, love the double decker bunk beds. They put a big smile on my face!
    Thank you for sharing and for all the time you have put into this heartwarming post!
    Blessings and a Happy Rednesday!
    Carolynn x x x

  8. oh my goodness sweetie, so many wonderful fur baby beds. I love them all!!! You really out did yourself with all of thee great finds xox

  9. Pops and Basil are so sweet. I just love there puppy dog eyes. I see the cutest 4 poster beds for my Duchess. But she cuddles up with us a night. My favorite are the suitcases. Love your post.

  10. BEST POST EVER!! My doxie, Noel would LOVE the one from Apartment Therapy…but that wouldn’t go with my room at all! Haaa!
    Thank you for this great post. I really need to come up with something cuter than her quilt on the floor! 🙂

  11. Hello again…….just letting you know that today’s post is for you. Hope you love it xo

  12. Even the smallest members of the family deserve a nice place to rest. That sweater bed is too much! Thanks for sharing, liz

  13. I didn’t realize till now that Pops was the name of your dog. I love doxies and had one for a short 9 months when I was a child. We adopted a doxie that had owners who couldn’t keep him. They had two of them and the other one my Grandma got. My Grandma’s dog lived many many years but poor Shawn died after 9 months from complications to the back and kidneys. The chiropractor, I used to work for, adjusted dogs and thought…if I had a doxie I’d take it to a chiro. Yours are adorable!!!

  14. HI Andrea, I thought these were so cute I featured them today on Friday Finds!

  15. Awesome ideas, I will try a couple for my doggies… thank you for sharing, very nice.

  16. Love em all sooo awesome got some really great ideas for my next pet bed love the idea with drawers underneath great spot for treats and toys… thanks for Sharing! <3

  17. WoW! Thank you so much for compiling such a wonderful resource list for our fur babies!! This is just fantastic!!

  18. These are adorable! And I love that you could pick up any of these items at a local thrift shop if you didn’t have them on hand.

    With the suitcase beds, I’m assuming people use something to keep the top open so you pooch doesn’t get trapped or hurt? Maybe matching L brackets screwed to the outside?

  19. I just love these ideas especially after I just got home from the pet stores looking at the high prices of something I so simply can create from stuff lying around the house. Can’t wait to get started on the upside down table. My kitty is going to love it.

  20. I love the suitcase idea maybe because the little doxie reminded me of mine. Her name was Angel….we had to have her put down last Monday. Its alot like loosing a bestfriend. I have a strong feeling we will be going to the animal shelter very soon ♥

  21. They are all so cute. But the two that stood out the most for me was the suitcase bed and the apple computer monitor with light in it. I love that one. 🙂


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