25 Awesome Suitcase Decorating Tips

I have been seeing suitcases everywhere so putting together a post to highlight some of the awesome creations seemed like a good idea! Hoping that some inspiration might come your way after you check all of these awesome ideas.  I applaud all of the creators for thinking outside of the box (or the case)! Have fun and in the end…CREATE!!!
I know I have my eye out for all kinds of these fun pieces except for me…the leather versions are out…but there are still tons that I can choose from if I find them…Junkin Joe has a new quest!
25 Awesome Suitcase Decorating Tips!

…an array of uses! 



There are so many others out there…so many possibilities…I think what I love the most is that they act as storage that no one will ever detect…it is awesome how much you can tuck away and still have at your finger tips…wishing you all a fabulous day and hope you find a little time to create!


  1. I use mine to store projects thatI’m working on. I just febreezed the heck out of it first.

  2. Fun ideas! I now own 5 vintage suitcases and I like the colorful ones best! All of mine hold craft supplies but I like the repurposing ideas, too!

  3. What a FANTASTIC post !! I just absolutely adore those suitcases that have been made into little chairs ! Beautiful xo

  4. I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE suitcases, I have them here and there. I am working on a project with one now…it is a long term project I had a thought and pull it out whenever I can
    Thanks for sharing all these wonderful ideas

  5. What great ideas for the use of old suitcases. I LOVE vintage suitcases.. 🙂

  6. Like your post !!!…i see Nina !!! we are going to sell her book soon in our shop !!..yes !!….love Ria…xxx…

  7. Great post! I feel like I need to go out there and buy a suitcase to jazz up!

  8. Oh my, so many incredible ideas! I only have one vintage case, it’s more like a square projector case, and I loooove it! I so want more, and now you have given me a ton of inspiration. Great round-up, Andrea. Thanks!

  9. I have a pair of vintage Samsonite hard cases..a suitcase and a train case in blue marble..haven’t decided whether to keep them or sell them they are so cool..These are great ideas Andrea..I would love to make a cat bed from one..The picture of the little Doxie in one is adorable..Hugs

  10. Love vintage suitcases!! So many creative ideas!! Thanks!! Happy new week to you! xo Heather

  11. love these ideas, andrea! the little chairs are darling!

  12. GREAT POST:)
    Your blog is so wonderful and Im following…I hope you follow me also:)

    If you want some cute swedish decor inspiration…check out my blog:)

    Have a great week dear

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis.se

  13. Awesome awesome and more awesome. I have a few, but need more!


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