25 Upcycled Furniture Ideas

Upcycled Furniture Ideas is what today’s post is all about.  Let’s take a look at some furniture pieces that have had NEW life given to them by amazing bloggers. One thing is for certain…you will look at furniture that you thought had had it’s day in a different way!

Let’s see what

Creativity + Imagination + the Power of Paint =’s
What do you do with a wonderful sewing machine cabinet that no longer has a working sewing machine?  Well you can use it as a decorative piece…remembering days gone by or your can remove the sewing machine…pick your favorite color and create a
Cooler & Drink Table
Courtney at
shows you how!
Over at
It’s all about upcycling Headboards
and who wouldn’t want one of these beauties.
I actually had to laugh for a moment when I saw this fabulous creation…the reason?  You know how I always tell you if you can’t fit the piece of furniture into the car…snatch up the drawers?  Well this project shows you that even if some of the drawers are missing you can create something awesome! : )
 shows you how.
Is this brilliant or what???? It’s BRILLIANT!!!
BHG can really rock the upcycled transformations!
sure had her creativity on high gear when when she upcycled this all ready gorgeous armoire
into this incredible Sewing Station…
 Wow…you will get the Step-By-Step on Lindy’s blog…this projects makes me wish I could sew!
Little things are happening in a BIG way at
Mom’s and Grandma’s
don’t get rid of that coffee table you may have grown tired of…give it a second life and a new generation of users with this
fun diy
Kid’s Chalkboard Table
and the bonus…a diy for the little benches too!
How great is this one.
You will find a ton of inspiration
Does this upcycled dresser give you some ideas???
See…even if the drawers and or doors are missing…wonderful things can happen!
What happens when you take a wonderful card catalog unit and add legs? A fabulous upcycled piece of furniture happens…that’s what!
has an incredible feature on card catalogs that you have to see…it is just INCREDIBLE.  So many ideas and even a major DIY that is not for the faint of heart.  If you love the look of the card catalog…you have to
 “check out” this post…you are going to love it.
shows us how a free standing closet or armoire can become a picture perfect pantry.
Here is a touch of
I was so sad that it did not lead me to the original source with a diy…but I wanted to share it any way because it is such a novel idea.  Tweet Tweet!
Leave it to Kevin & Layla
to turn an unsuspecting headboard
into an incredible bench.  This one not only comes with a step by step…there is also a video.  A must see.
Here is another coffee table project that breaths new life into a tired piece of furniture.
fills us in on the details…
Where else can this…
 be upcycled to this…
at Thistlewood Farms…that’s where and Karianne give you the complete DIY!
How cool is this!!!
An old dresser that gets upcycled into a Portable Bar …want to know how?
will show you the step-by-step.
Wow…who knew how many uses there are for coffee tables?
Here’s another one from our friends at BHG 
shares some major creativity with us…their blog is a treasure trove of wonder and this industrial cart gone pink and shabby takes things to a whole new level!  How cool is this!
This armoire gone Laundry Station is awesome.
 How about this garden station
Rhoda from
is always sharing some amazing things…check it out!
a crib gone swing.
This armoire that was missing it’s doors was upcycled into this amazingly gorgeous piece by
I hear the cottage lovers sighing : )
Dresser gone TV and Entertainment Center
shows us how…this gets a WOW!!!
  Scenario: You find a wonderful end table curbside…you really need two so you leave it behind…don’t do that…HGTV
shows you why…gotta love it!
turns a dresser with missing drawers into a fabulous bench.
Get the How to over at this wonderful blog.
Now if all you have left are an assortment of drawer…
suggests planting succulents!
oh…I think there is another collection coming SOON! : )
 If you still want some more upcycled ideas…
check out…
 still want more…
See you later for Take 5!




  1. These are all so beautiful….thanks for sharing!

  2. Una meravigliosa carrellata di ispirazioni!

  3. These are all really great. But, I have to say, that birdhouse rocks!! That is so sweet and I’ve never seen anything like that one before. Thanks again, Andrea, for a great collection!

  4. you rock my upcycled world! Hugs and scratches for the doxies ( and you too lets just skip the scratches) Thank you for sharing at the hop my sweet bloggy friend xo

  5. When we upgrade to a flat screen TV, I’m going to move the TV armoire into the kitchen and use it as a pantry/cabinet for dishes. Thanks for the ideas!

  6. I love that coffee table bench. That is not my next project! I also have an entertainment center passed down to me that I’ve got some ideas for!! Thanks for sharing

  7. I just “upcycled” an antique baker’s cabinet into my craft cabinet. you can see the pics at http://mostlysewing.com/2013/08/15/craft-cabinet-makeover/ . So much fun and it looks great!

  8. I just “upcycled” an antique baker’s cabinet into my craft cabinet. you can see the pics at http://mostlysewing.com/2013/08/15/craft-cabinet-makeover/ . So much fun and it looks great!

  9. Love these ideas! I just “upcycled” an antique baker’s cabinet into my craft cabinet. You can see some pics at http://mostlysewing.com/2013/08/15/craft-cabinet-makeover/ 🙂 Thanks for the post!

  10. Oh how I love revamping old furniture and home décor. I LOVE the sewing table turned drink cooler. That is such a neat idea. Wonderful projects! HUGS 🙂

  11. Fantastic ideas, love your selection of pieces BUT my wife would die if I made her that sewing station. I will have to find a cupboard to do up for her. Lucky for us we have our city council chuck out soon and you can always find great furniture then 🙂 Mark

  12. Saw this on Pinterest and wanted to stop in and say thanks for including my dresser bar. There are lots of projects I haven’t seen before so I’m gonna hop around to those blogs and do some more pinning.

  13. Hi,
    dunno if you found out yet how the birdcage was made, but i found the original website and wanted to share it with you.


    Great stuff you posted here, love the upcycling !!

  14. I found a link for the “bird armoire”. Absolutely beautiful project!

  15. Great ideas. These days people can come up with such beautiful ideas for vintage items.

  16. Absolutely in love with that dressing table turn entertainment unit. Such a stunning shade of purple! Will have to try a few of these one day 🙂


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