Repurposed Garden Containers Tons of Great ideas for your plants

Spring is here (not that New Jersey actually got that message yet : ) but the time has come when the planting will begin!  We are going to have a few little garden specials in the next week or so to inspire your green thumb!  Today it’s all about repurposed garden containers…the most unlikely items make the best home sweet home for flowers and plants!  Time to check out some fabulous Repurposed Garden Containers!
 so if you happen to have an old tire…bike…boot…drawer…or even

an old dog food tin…add a bit of rich soil…drainage and water and your blooms are going to have a sweet new home sweet home!

Let’s start with a unique and fabulous planter that Lynn from
Shabby Story made from an old headboard.  Isn’t it great!
She has an amazing green thumb…take a peek at all of her other inventive garden creations…many ideas await you!
Miss Kelly from Eclectically Vintage started the furniture planter craze with this stunning piece.  By taking an old piece of furniture…giving it some tender loving care along with using the power of paint you will have a conversation piece that just shines any place you choose to display it!  Kelly fills you in on all the tips on how to prepare for planting…check it out!
Design*Sponge is one of my favorite places to visit for anything!  Well here is a beautiful mini garden that was created from an old wine barrel.  You will find step by step directions and one of these awesome gardens can be yours!
 Tell me that this isn’t the perfect addition to a cottage style garden. You don’t even have to add paint…the chippy…crackled…worn look just scream shabby elegance and when you add those petunias and vines…this gets a wow!  Makes you think about what you were going to discard in a whole new way!
An old or new tool box is picture perfect for a mini succulent garden…this is one that is on my list…”they” whoever “they” are say that even people with two black thumbs (my picture is in the dictionary under this definition) can grow these…we will see…we will see…but doesn’t it look wonderful…place this on the patio…sun porch…deck and it adds so much!  So when you are in the thrift shop and see one of these…don’t walk by it…snatch it up and give it new purpose.  Thanks HGTV for this great idea and DIY!
I am in love with the whole chair planter idea!  There are countless styles that you can create and one is perfect for you!  Have an old chair sitting around that might be hitting curbside soon?  Think twice!!!!  You know that you see these discarded orphans out for recycle all the time…once again…slow down…look in the rear view mirror and go back and pick it up…give it new life and in the end you get something that is awesome!
Hop on over to Apartment Therapy and get the how to and while you are there…they have 14 MORE garden planter ideas!
Here is some MAJOR “pinspiration” for you!
pinterest piece…the link led back to a suspicious source so it is not included.
This old tub will give you tons of ideas an inspiration!  I think this looks AWESOME!!!
Do you have an old wheelbarrow that just doesn’t have the get up and go it use to?  Has rust taken over it’s once shiny good looks?  Well as you all know you become more beautiful with age and this garden tool proves it…celebrate the rust and imperfections…add a little dirt and some pretty flowers and everything old is new again!
Flowers are kind of like make-up : )
If you are lucky enough to have a beautiful bird cage…one with a cool personality…why not add a potted flower and you will have something that is amazingly beautiful and the bars do not hold it in…your plant is still free to breath as its vines travel towards the sun!
A simple magazine rack can be used as a comfy new home for your pretty plants.
I am in love with this idea!  It reminds me of something fabulously French!  Taking a bicycle and simply adding plants to it in baskets gives you a work of yard art that is STUNNING!!!  I love the burlap sacks as the planters…they give this piece such charm.  If you happen to have a bike that is no longer speeding up and down the pathways…no matter the style…no matter the color…think about giving it new purpose!
 homedit has some great ideas…you should take a peek!
Here is another idea from homedit…this push cart is fabulous and with the array of plants…flowers…containers…varying heights…this piece becomes a piece of garden art!  Getting any ideas???
Not in the mood for a swing…well maybe take that tire…hit it with your favorite color paint and make a planter!
This is one funky fresh garden array!  Thanks eating Rules for sharing!
Have the kids outgrown their boots!  Do you seem to have one of a pair and not sure what happened to the other?  Have you seen some crazy styles in the good will and wonder…who wears those??? Well put your imagination cap on and thing SPRING…add a hole for drainage…fill with rich soil…add some plants to your boots and viola…an instant planter with attitude!  Line them up on a fence…place them on the porch or deck…they are guaranteed to bring a rainy day smile to everyone!  So don’t give those mismatched boots the boot!
shares the how to!
A simple red wagon is the perfect vessel for plants.  It doesn’t get much sweeter than this.  At hometalk you will find tons of fun projects…just take a peek in the back of the wagon…an old bed spring is being used for a trellis…brilliant right!
 Old pallets…you see them in many different places…some are even piled with a sign saying FREE…there are MANY uses for them… and here is one that is perfect for Spring Time!
the Inspired Room gives us the details!
Has that grill cooked it’s last veggie burger ; )  well there is no need to recycle it…drill a hole for drainage…add dirt…plant flowers…and you have a new item on your grilling menu.
shows us how!
This would make an awesome little herb garden!
This has to be one of my favorite ideas….I am in love with the look of old typewriters to begin with…so when the plants were added…I thought it was brilliant!  I also love that you can have this outside as decoration and you can then take it inside and bring personality to any place in the home!   If you ever see one of these beauties…do yourself a favor…don’t miss out…snatch it up…the possibilities are endless!
For some more ideas…take a peek at
An old dog food tin?  Rusty and worn?  Well add soil…plants and water and it starts to BLOOM in all it’s vintage glory!
So…do you have an old tin…did you pick up a ton when you saw them at your local Thrift store and haven’t used them in a project yet?  Well till you figure out just what you want to use them for…how about giving them a new home with a lovely tenant!
LOVE the look!
There is a contest going on over at Potted Store…check it out!
has a great idea for a planter!  Take a look and I think you will agree!
Not too sure where you might find one of these cool chicken feeders…but if you are lucky enough to have one or know where to find one…they sure make a wonder planter.
Snowflakes and Dragonflies shows us just what to do!
You know those racks units that you put inside a door or even in back of the door to hold spices and such?  Well now you can use them to hold FRESH herb by turning it into an herb garden…what an awesome idea!
for sharing with us…what a GREAT side for the garden lovers out there!
You know when you are thrifting or even modified dumpster diving and you find something that is not whole?  Like a sewing machine base but no sewing machine…your instantly say…well that’s not good…well think twice…if you find a cool base it is just begging for a new accessory…like a cool planter…this is fab inside or out!
How adorable is this!
Now the poor kids will have to hold on to their tonka trucks for dear life…hoping that mommy or daddy won’t take them to fill them up with dirt and plants!  Come on…this is precious and so easy.  Looks great as a garden accessory but would also look adorable in the house…in the family room…kids room…so many possibilities and works with any condition vehicle : ) lol!!!
Thanks for the inspiration Whats Ur Home Story
I love tea…I love tea to drink…adore collecting teacups…head over heels for teapots!  Teapots are perfect just the way they are…but if you add flowers…WOW…the perfect pot for sure.
 Take a trip over to Recyclart and sip in all of their amazing ideas!
Here is another adorable chair planter!  By simply removing the seat…fitting it with a planter you have a charming piece that would adorn any place in or out!
 gives us the how to!
will surely give you tons of ideas for repurposing…check this out!
Give an old swing new life!
Great idea from
I have to tell you that this post could literally go on forever…there are so many incredible ideas out there… I am always amazed!
Just about everything but the kitchen sink…um…no…that’s not true…take a peek…LOVE THIS!
my home ideas rocked this one!
 Hope you enjoyed this little collection of repurposed garden containers…if you are inspired to create then my heart is happy!  I think even I can do some of these thing even with my two black thumbs!  So experiment…have fun…reap the joy of fresh beautiful blooms and remember one thing…DRAINAGE!!! lol!!!
See you later on this evening with your graphics of the week package…it will be a regular each and every Saturday!  Take 5 will be coming to you each week day evening starting Monday…so stay tuned!!!




  1. omg this is soooooooo cute!!!

  2. Loved this post! I’m so ready for spring! 🙂

  3. Oh I am so ready to get my garden on and use some of these ideas.happy saturday.

  4. Oh, so lovely!
    I really love the one with the bird cage!

    Thanks for sharing! Nicole

  5. Ah! Wonderful spring and Summer ideas! I have the yellow pallet planter on my pinterest! ♥

  6. So many fabulous ideas!! I can’t wait for our “official” spring weather to hit, and start planting flowers!! 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful weekend Miss Andrea! 🙂 Sending lots of hugs! Ps. How are your sweet fur babies doing!?! 🙂 xo Holly

  7. Love the amazing sweet ideas!

  8. This post was DELIGHTFUL! Loved it all. Gotta say the rain boots and teapots were micupoftea!! ha ha! Now I am going to go see what I can plant in- Fun, fun 🙂
    Happy Sunday.

  9. I LOVE the bathtub the best. It is beautiful !
    You have given me lots of inspiration even though we are heading into the cold beginnings of Autumn/Winter.
    Sending love and hugs xoxoxoxo

  10. oh, thanks for including my planter, andrea!! such fabulous ideas!

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  12. I’m so happy to know there are people out there just like me! with some ideas like mine. who inspire me. just wish we all lived in the same TOWN!

  13. You are just amazing!! thank you for sharing this post with us!
    garden pots

  14. When it is very cold outside (like today) I look at garden magazines and Pinterest for ideas for the next garden season. This page has given me so many new ideas. Great Work and keep planting flowers.

    • I hear you Mary and I am so so happy that this little post gave you new found inspiration! I LOVE IT!!!! Stay warm and remember…Spring is just a little bit away : ) lol!!! Hugs and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  15. What cute ideas! Thanks for inspiration.

  16. Hey I must say it is definitely very innovative ideas. I am seeing something like this for the first time. Will sure try this unique techniques in my garden also. The main thing is you should utilize the entire space provided for gardening. Thank you for sharing this amazing blog.

  17. Linda Hunt says:

    I LOVE THEM ALL.My favorite at my house is and old porcelain toilet l plant petunias in it.l get a lot of chuckles from lots of people.


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