DIY Home Decor Drop Cloth Projects


What do you think of when you think of a Drop Cloth?  Painting? Messy work?  Art Projects?  Well today we are showing a hole other versatile side of a Drop Cloth with this new collection of DIY Home Decor Drop Cloth Projects!  Wait until you see the fabulous table cloth with hand stenciled flowers on is perfect and super fabulous for … [Read more...]

Terrific DIY Thrift Store Upcycles and Makeovers


Once again it is Makeover Monday and today we are shining a spotlight on Terrific DIY Thrift Store Upcycles and Makeovers that you are going to be inspired by and love!  You will see some quick and easy transformations that look like a million bucks like regular $1 wooden bowls turned into gorgeous distressed bowls that look like they walked out of … [Read more...]

More Pottery Barn Knock-Off Goodness


It seems that the Pottery Barn Knock-Off Goodness in the blogosphere just never seems to end and the readers here at The Cottage Market are surely happy about that!  So today we have some new Pottery Barn Knock-Offs that we think you will totally love!  Do you love the beachy  nautical looks...well then you will love the candles that await … [Read more...]

Fabulous Home Tours Farmhouse and Eclectic Style


Hi everyone, how are you. Well last Sunday we featured Fabulous Eclectic Tours  the week before we featured Fabulous Farmhouse Tours and you seemed to enjoy this new little series very much so we will continue featuring some wonderful Home Tours for you.  Today we have a little collection of homes with an eclectic style that we know you will love. … [Read more...]

More Fabulous Farmhouse DIY Projects


Farmhouse home decor seems to be one of them most favorite decor's of the readers here at The Cottage Market!  So we are bringing you more!  Today's collection is all about More Fabulous Farmhouse DIY Projects.  All of them are fun...fresh and Farmhouse fantastic!  I know that you will love each one as I do!  I am head over heels in love with the … [Read more...]

What’s Cooking? /// Quick and Easy Vegetarian Meals


Hi everyone!  Welcome to another edition of What's Cooking!  Today it is all about Quick and Easy Vegetarian Meals.  We all have busy schedules and need some recipes for delicious but quick meals to serve our families!  The cool thing about this collection is that 90 percent of the recipes are all brand new...freshly picked from the best food … [Read more...]

Pimento Cheese Spread


I have to admit…I had never heard of Pimento Cheese..I don't know if it is because I am from New Jersey (aka…Northern East Coast)…but it took my dear friend Gina who lives in the heart of Tennessee to fill me in on it's goodness! So today I am sharing my version of Pimento Cheese …it has an ingredient that is not usually in it…but let me tell … [Read more...]

More Fabulous Upcycled Suitcase DIY Projects


Are you someone that loves to go thrifting?  Someone that enjoys the thrill of the vintage hunt?  Well if you answered are going to adore this collection of MORE Fabulous Upcycled Suitcase DIY Projects!  These projects are going to make you want to head out into your car and head towards the first Flea Market...Garage Sale or Thrift Store … [Read more...]

A Morning Cup of Joe DIY Projects, Recipes & More! Features & Linky Party


Welcome Friends to another episode of A Morning Cup of Joe!  Can’t wait to see all of your DIY Projects …check out your Recipes and all the other creations this week at our Linky Party and we hope you enjoy our Spotlight Features!   So come on in…drop some links…enjoy the features and visit some of your other friends! Hope you have a wonderful … [Read more...]

Magical Macrame DIY Projects

macrame0000 have not fallen through a time warp back to the 1970's ...Macrame is BACK!!!  It is actually EVERYWHERE and looking so much better than ever!  So of course as you might have guessed all ready...we had to put together a new collection of Magical Macrame DIY Projects!  Each DIY Project comes with a spot on tutorial that is easy to follow!  … [Read more...]

4th of July Drinks Cocktails and Mocktails


Why not celebrate the 4th of July or the Summer for that matter with some delicious...icy cold...tasty 4th of July Drinks.  This bar is stocked with Cocktails and Mocktails...even an occasional Milk Shake!  They are all so festive decked out in Red White and Blue!  I love the ones that use Pop Rocks for an extra kick...oh and then there are Red … [Read more...]

DIY Tassel Home Decor


What do you think of when you think of a Tassel?  Maybe a pretty Tassel on a Graduation Hat? Or how about a shiny Tassel on the end of kitty cat toy?  Well that is not the kind of Tassels that we are checking out today!  We have a collection of DIY Tassel Home Decor Projects that are simply outstanding!  It is totally amazing what a few Tassels can … [Read more...]

Quick and Easy Home Decor Crafts


We all love to change things up in our home but sometimes we just don't have the time or the budget...enter...Quick and Easy Home Decor Crafts!  Just a simple addition of hand painted rattan place mats...or a super simple hand framed piece of wall paper or maybe a photo centerpiece addition might cheer you and your home up a little bit!  So we hope … [Read more...]

102+ 4th of July Desserts


4th of July is almost here!!!  So today's collection of Red White and Blue 4th of July Desserts is going to inspire you and I bet you will pick a few to make for the Holiday Festivities!   These delicious  Red White and Blue Treats will be great all year round for all kinds of parties...picnics...Labor Day...Memorial Day...Presidents Day...Flag Day … [Read more...]

30 Plus 4th of July Nail Tutorials


Well the 4th of July is right around the corner and I know many of you will want to do your nails up for the big day! So I put together a collection of 30 Plus 4th of July Nail Tutorials!  With all of the work celebrations and more it is cool to have those nails all decked out in Red White & Blue or in Stars … [Read more...]