Fabulous Farmhouse No Sew DIY Projects

Well my friends...we haven't had a fun No Sew Collection lately so today we have a Fabulous Farmhouse No Sew DIY Projects.  These are quick and easy little Home Decor Projects with a Farmhouse Style!  You will see a Wonderful 10 Minute Throw... quick and easy Pillows and Shams and so much more!  No NEED to get that Sewing Machine out (I LOVE IT : … [Read more...]

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The Newest in Farmhouse DIY Home Decor

It is time once again to fill you all in on what is happening with The Newest in Farmhouse DIY Home Decor!  This collections is filled with Farmhouse FRESH creations that I know you are going to absolutely LOVE!  There is an amazing NO-SEW Sham DIY...a Farmtastic Furniture Makeover...a simply Wonderful Farmhouse Mirror Upcycle and MORE!  So it is … [Read more...]

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Farmhouse Style Kitchen Thrift Store Makeovers

It is once again time to check out the newest collection of Farmhouse Style Kitchen Thrift Store Makeovers!  I really think you will enjoy these, they are.really quick...easy and charming items made from Thrifty Finds!  You will see Glass Lighting Domes made into gorgeous Cake Plates...Rolling Pins are not making pie but they are holding tons of … [Read more...]

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Contemporary Style IKEA Hacks

Today we are going to check out some really cool Contemporary Style IKEA Hacks.  They all have a sleek and pleasing style to them and they are all so versatile.  Items such a a Contemporary Console Table...a gorgeous Upholstered Bench...a simply amazing Kitchen Island and much much more.  So take a few minutes out of your busy day...sit back...pour … [Read more...]

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Eclectic Trendy Home Decor DIY Projects

Well it is time for us to check out all the new Trendy DIY Home Decor Projects this week.  All of them are so imaginative and unique…just the way you like them!  You are going to find fun projects like an Accordion Hat Rack…Watermelon Shelving…Trendy Table Setting creations and much much more!  I guarantee you are going to have fun checking these … [Read more...]

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Contemporary Farmhouse Home Tours

A big hello to all The Cottage Market Readers.  Many of you have written me and asked if I would continue featuring a small collection of Farmhouse Home Tours and more each week.  So of course the answer is yes!  Keep an eye out for them each week.  I do believe you will love the features today.  Each one is unique and simply exquisite. The are all … [Read more...]

Free Chalkboard Coffee Printable

Today just seemed like it called for a Free Printable so we made you a Free Chalkboard Coffee Printable that we hope you will enjoy.  If you are anything like me you just seem to need that first cup of coffee in the morning and then everything else begins to seem very possible : )  So this little printable tips it's hat to the POWER OF COFFEE!  … [Read more...]

Farmtastic Farmhouse DIY Projects

If you were wondering what new creations are popping up in the Farmhouse DIY World…you are in the right place today.  Our spotlight is shining on a collection of Farmtastic Farmhouse DIY Projects that will add charm and character to anyone’s home.  From a Farmhouse Utensil Caddy with Mason Jars…to an Industrial Farmhouse Sofa Table that looks like … [Read more...]

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Morning Cup of Joe Linky Party, DIY Projects & Features

Welcome Friends to another episode of A Morning Cup of Joe! Can’t wait to see all of your DIY Projects …check out your Recipes and all the other creations this week at our Linky Party and we hope you enjoy our Spotlight Features! So come on in…drop some links…enjoy the features and visit some of your other friends! Hope you have a wonderful … [Read more...]

Farmhouse Kitchens, Blogger’s Kitchens

There is one room in the home that always seems to be the one everyone wants to see first...can you guess which one it is?  It's the Kitchen of course!  Today we have a great collection of Farmhouse Kitchens.  Most of the kitchens come directly from fabulous blogger's blogs and a few come from different decor spots around the internet.  I wanted to … [Read more...]

Awesome DIY Upcycled Projects

Once again we have another fun and Awesome Collection of DIY Upcycled Projects. There is so much creativity going on in the blogosphere so we are just going to keep bringing you amazing creations!  I think you are really going to enjoy the Upcycled Vintage Window Frame turned garden!  How about a beautiful Bird Feeder made from Thrift Store Cups … [Read more...]

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Outdoor Farmhouse DIY Projects

Have you ever thought of bringing a little touch of the Farmhouse Style Outside?  Wouldn't it be great to share the Farmhouse Charm with the patio…deck…yard and porch?  Well if you think that's a great idea…today’s collection of Outdoor Farmhouse DIY Projects will be perfect for you!  We have a Hand Stenciled Patio to die for… a Farmhouse Pallet … [Read more...]

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Unique and Fun Thrift Store Makeovers

Here we are again...it is time for yet another collection of Unique & Fun Thrift Store Makeovers.  It just seems as though you can't get enough of them so we are continuously on the look out for ones that you will truly enjoy.  Today you are going to find a Makeover of an old Roadside Rescue Chest...a side table that becomes a Farmhouse … [Read more...]

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Fabulous Farmhouse IKEA Hacks

I can’t believe that we haven’t put together a Farmhouse Ikea Hack collection yet!  Well we have to fix that right!  So here you go…Part 1 to the Farmhouse Ikea Hack Collection.  You are going to find some really Farmtastic creations like a Gorgeous Farmhouse Sideboard…and Incredible Distressed Farmhouse Mirror…A Wonderful Entry Way Table which … [Read more...]

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Trendy DIY Home Decor Projects

Well it is time for us to check out all the new Trendy DIY Home Decor Projects this week.  WOW do we have a TON of color here and I for one LOVE IT!!!  You are going to find fun projects like A Pom Pom Belly Basket...A Fabulous Contemporary Farmhouse Wood Slice Stool that is also an Ikea Hack...oh and there is a fun Sand Art DIY that will add a pop … [Read more...]

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